As readers of this site know, I've been amazed by 9 year old Raffy Marascio's well rounded MMA skills and have given him lots of coverage here.  You can hit the Raffy MMA tab at the top to see all the articles I've done about this kid.  But better than that, you can now go to his own website and see a ton of great pics and videos of Raffy in action.

The site is, and it chock full of great content already, with lots more being added almost every day.  If you want to follow the career of Raffy as he makes his ascent in the world of mixed martial arts, his website is the place to do it.  There are tons of pics of Raffy with some of MMA biggest stars and lots more.

If you've never seen Raffy in action before, check out the above video.  It's a comilation of a bunch of his monster takedowns in competitions all over the country. The kid is a phenom!



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