Fight fans!  Please click the link at the end of this article to head over to the Strikeforce Ring Girl Contest's Facebook Fan page and vote for our friend, Lauren.  Lauren is a TOP 10 finalist (no surprise there) in Strikeforce's ring girl contest and now we need to give her the push to victory!  Lauren is a fixture here in the NY/NJ area as a ring card girl and she does a great job.  She also trains MMA and comes from a family heavily involved in MMA.  It would be awesome to see her represent Strikeforce as one of their ladies of the cage.  Keep up the awesome work, Lauren!

Hear from Lauren and have your chance to vote after the jump...

Lauren's message to the fans:

"I've been a ring girl for the past 4 years. Last year I had the honor of flying over to Mosul, Iraq to be a ring girl for their first MMA event for the Troops. I love MMA and I have a different appreciation for the sport than most girls. My father is an MMA Judge and also an MMA coach. My little brother is an amateur fighter rising to his pro debut sometime later this year. MMA is 24/7 in my home. Please vote for me, a girl who truely appreciates this awesome sport!!!!"

Strikeforce Ring Girl Contest

The winner of the contest will be named an official Strikeforce ring girl at the March 5, 2011 event in Columbus, Ohio: Strikeforce - Feijao vs. Hendo.



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