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Popular UFC Octagon Girl Edith LaBelle was fired from the UFC after UFC 100 last month and the rumor quickly churned out the story that he was partying too hard the night before UFC 100 and was too hung over to work the show. Edith disputes that version of events however, and told MMA Fanhouse that she was sick.
"I was not hung over. I was really sick. That's why I left the pre-party because I was really sick. ... I truly believe it was food poisoning."
She goes on to say that she holds no ill will towards the UFC, but she regrets not contacting a doctor to prove that she was legitimately sick. We here at will miss her dearly. Good thing we still have pics.
Photo by Esther Lin/STRIKEFORCE
UFC 60 is memorable not only because of the Matt Hughes vs. Royce Gracie fight, but because of the cameo appearance of Jennifer Lee. I had high hopes for Jenny but we really haven't seen much of her lately. Until now. Here's a dirty dozen SFW pics of Miss Jenny Lee. And as a added bonus, after the bump you'll find a video to boot. [gallery]


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