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No, Jeff Spicoli from “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” has not been signed by the UFC, “you dick!”

Tom Lawlor first endeared himself to the hardcore MMA crowd at UFC 100 with his tribute to the “Just Bleed” guy, who was captured in the crowd and in our hearts way back at UFC 15.  Facing the cinematic stigma that the sequel is rarely funnier than the original head-on, Lawlor then fitted teammate Seth Petruzelli with a dog collar and leash and walked him out on all fours to the tune of “Who Let the Dogs Out?” for his entrance to the cage.

Lawlor’s antics were received as even more acceptable after he pulled off the upset at UFC 100 by submitting wrestler C.B. Dollaway with a guillotine.

Much suspense and anticipation were surrounding the Ultimate Fight Night 20 event as fans pondered whether or not Lawlor could further cement his status in MMA entertainment history, and when he donned the traditional 90’s fighting garb of white gi pants and a wifebeater in the likeness of UFC 3 legend Harold Howard, our prayers were answered.

Canadian fighter Harold Clarence Howard is best remembered for the catchphrase he coined in his pre-fight interview , “If you’re comin’ on… COME ON!”  Howard also scored points for his fearless implementation of the “flying scissors kick”, which he unleashed unsuccessfully against Steve Jennum before submitting to strikes in the finals of UFC 3’s tournament.

Yep… pulling out all the stops, Lawlor also flawlessly executed the flying scissors kick on stage before hopping on the scale at the weigh-ins yesterday. 


The real Harold Howard recently made news when he assaulted multiple victims before crashing his truck into a Las Vegas casino, which, despite being standard practice in my book for a visit to Sin City, will likely land him some time in the clink.

For any fans of the exotic and gaudy entrances employed by Japanese MMA greats Genki Sudo and Akihiro Gono, well… I think Tom Lawlor is about as close as we’re going to get.  A classic Harold Howard tribute video is posted for your nostalgic enjoyment just below.




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