Funny MMA Videos is a great side to get a dose of MMA comedy.  They've just put up a new video featuring the best of the worst of Rampage Jackson.  It's a complilation of Rampage's most infamous moments.  Enjoy!

Chuck Liddell never ran from a fight in his life.  Not until he retired anyway.  Now don't get me wrong, there is still not a single man on the planet that Chuck would run from, but when it comes to man's best friend, well that's another story.

Chuck was at Andrews Air Force Base recently where he learned first hand how it feels to be attacked by a military dog.  I presume that when he was asked about the experience he said:  It bites.

Here's a couple of videos and pictures of Chuck's dog fight.

Everyone remembers the legendary Techno Viking guy, the rave dancer who quickly became a huge Internet meme.  Well, now he's got some stiff competition in the form of one Rampage Jackson.  In the following video, Rampage gives the Techno Viking a run for his money.  Check it out.

Usually TheGARV Jr. and I are on the same page with our MMA prophesies, but last night we found ourselves disagreeing about the winner of the upcoming Rampage vs. Hamill fight.  The argument escalated and violence ensued.  However, at the end of the day, we came to a consensus and now all is good again at the Garv household.  Here's the video.


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