Funny MMA Videos

Snoop Dogg is apparently heading down to Brazil and he wants to party with UFC MW champ Anderson Silva.  And you just know that Snoop will have bong-full's of the chronic down there too, which he would like to actually share with Silva.  I guess he doesn't realize that, unlike rappers, UFC fighters have to undergo periodic drug tests.

I'm a little worried for Anderson, even if he doesn't smoke with Snoop.  By just hanging out with the guy, Silva is liable to get zooted by proxy.  And that would be a total bizzuzkill.  One thing I can tell you, if these two guys do party, the Burger Kings in Brazil will be all out of burgers.

Here's the video of Snoop's invitation to paaaarty!

Mandy Moore is like, all excited and like bubbly and everything over this upcoming Cain Velasquez vs. Junior Dos Santos fight.  She is picking Cain to beat Junior, by the way.  Just letting you know that now in case you get, um, distracted watching the video.  One thing though, it is nice to see some major league hotties enjoying the sport of MMA.  You go girl!

Life is good for UFC heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez.  Not only do women throw their panties at him, car dealers are tossing automobiles his way.  In the following video, a group of car dealers--but no Phil Baroni, sadly enough, and no Bob Barker--present Cain with a brand new Camaro SS. Cain seems genuinely surprised at the gift and after a test drive he says he likes the car's power.

In a few days he'll be testing Junior Dos Santos's power.  It remains to be seen if Cain is going to be as excited about that as about the Camaro.  And just for the record, yes I am aware that in the pic above Cain is posing with a pickup truck, not a Camero.

Here's the vid.


Chuck Liddell is turning into a regular Spiderman lately.  First he rappelled down a 51 story building in Las Vegas, and now he's doing a zip line kick.  Maybe it's time for his to retire from his cushy executive job with the UFC to become a full time movie stuntman.  Chuck, who is known for his devastating hands, looks like a flying karate kicker in this video. Enjoy.

Ok, this is good.  No, it's fucking great.  Pat Barry and Mirko Crocop on a road trip going who knows where singing the Mamas and Papas classic California Dreaming.  It don't get no better than that!

Pat Barry is always a cut up, and so it's not really shocking to see him mugging for the camera during the song.  But Mirko, one of the most feared strikers on the planet, is totally into it too and it's obvious that he knows all the words.  You will love this.

Former UFC HW champion and MMA legend Bas Rutten doesn't fight competitively anymore, but when push comes to shove he's always ready to throw down.  In this video clip, Bas takes on a zombie puppet and rips him to shreds, literally.  The only thing the video is missing is a liver shot.


Andre "Pitbull" Arlovski dogged his opponent when he went mouth to mouth against a real pitbull.  In this video, it's tug o' war time as the pitbulls vie for supremacy.

With cries of "I will drop your ass!" the four foot three Beetlejuice of Howard Stern fame tried to get in the face of Kurt "Batman" Pellegrino at an Atlantic City casino last year.  It was all a big misunderstanding apparently, but that didn't stop Beetlejuice from trying to get Kurt to throw hands with him.  Kurt wisely backed off, and didn't appear to want anything to do with the furious little guy.  And who could blame him.  I wouldn't want to touch the Juice either.

Here's the video.

Anderson Silva loves his burgers.  He's been spotted in Burger King before, and of course there's that old GIF image of him going ninja on a pair of burgers.  But now he's in a brand new Burger King commercial that is as surreal as it is silly.

With Silva's body type, I have a feeling that although he may like BK food, he doesn't pig out on the stuff.  Maybe they should have used Roy (Full) Nelson in this ad spot instead.  He looks much more like your average BK eater.  Here's the video and the GIF.


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