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Lookoutawhale's YouTube videos have been making MMA fans laugh for awhile now.  His collabarations with Chaplin's House are stupendous, and their latest video will have you in stiches.  Check out their YouTube channel for other great videos.  This is gold!

Jim Norton is a glutton for punishment.  He seems to have a fetish for getting beat up by MMA fighters.  In his latest episode, he took a kick from Jon Jones.  Bones took it easy on him but still, shin on thigh is very painful, even if the shot is not hard.  At least Bones didn't pull a Forrest Griffin and literally break the guy's leg.  Here's the video of Norton getting his kicks.

ESPN's Kenny Mayne didn't have to go all the way to Thailand to experience real Muay Thai.  He could have just visited New Jersey instead, where pro rules, WBC sanctioned Muay Thai made its debut earlier this year at Warrior's Cup XII.   And this Saturday, December 3, Warrior's Cup XIII takes place at the RJ Collins Arena in Lincroft, New Jersey, and features some of Muay Thai's best fighters. It is a must-see show, and I am proud to be the ring announcer for the event.

Now back to Kenny.  His visit to Thailand was pretty funny.  As one fighter was being rubbed down with Namman Muay  liniment, Kenny remarked that it looked like orange soda.  That may be true, but the stuff works like a charm--yes, I use it myself, and so do many other people who fight and/or train.  It's good stuff.

For info about this Saturday's event, check out the Warrior's Cup website, For more info about Namman Muay liniment, check out

Here's the Kenny Mayne video:

After Lyoto Machida trained with Steven Segal, he crane kicked Randy Couture into Bolivian and is now awaiting his title shot against Jon "Bones" Jones at UFC 140.  In this video, we get a sneak peek at one man's vision of what that fight will look like. And it ain't pretty--for Jon Jones.  Afterwards, Lyoto makes it rain with Anderson Silva money.  Funny shit, check it out.

Jon "Bones" Jones has put a beatdown on many an opponent, and now we know why.  He's got a secret weapon by the name of Holly Holm.  Holly is widely regarded as the one of the all time greatest welterweight female boxers of all time, and she was Ring Magazine's female fighter of the year--twice.  In this video she spars with the UFC LHW champion and shows some nice form, while clearly taking it easy on Jonnybones!

Rampage Jackson knows about BGD: Bad Gift Disorder.  It's an affliction that affects millions of people around the world.  But now there's help.  With Rampage leading the way, you can overcome this horrible condition.  Stop being a victim.  Watch this video.



The lastest music video craze is I'm Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO.  It's basically three and a half minutes of some guy juggling his junk for the camera.  It's extremely annoying but does feature a cameo by UFC contender Alistair Overeem.  If you find you can't sit through 90 seconds of this video to get to the Overeem part, jump to 1:30.


The UFC's slogan "As Real As It Gets" took a turn for the awkward several months ago at the live UFC on Fox intro that was hosted by Joe Rogan.  This video is a lock for the cringe-worthy Hall of Fame.  It had everything: Joe Rogan nervously stumbling his way through the intro, Chuck Liddell's mean thousand yard stare, the Fox Sports chairman barely bothering to look up from his Blackberry,  the cheesy mystery music that played during Rashad Evan's intro, the mixing up of Frankie Edgar's and Georges St. Pierre's intro and Rogan's open-mouthed reaction to it.

There is more awkwardness packed into this two minute video than one can possibly imagine.  It is a classic in the genre, and you'll find yourself watching it again and again.  Enjoy!


Some fans are truly dedicated.  But this GSP fan goes a bit overboard when he asks GSP to punch him in the face...for the memories.  The problem for the guy is that if Georges did honor his request, chances are he would not remember anything...even after he wakes up from his coma.

For his part, GSP got a laugh out of the request, and said he'd do it if he knew he wouldn't get sued.  Here's the video of the hijinks.


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