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Randy Couture just had a Joe Namath moment when he went up to Natasha Wicks, the former UFC ring card girl, and started nuzzling her neck.  She turned around and said:  I thought you were Kyle, whoever that is.  I think it was her mispronouncing Garv.

After the jump, check out some great pics of Ms. Wicks.

These Hitler Reacts videos are usually pretty funny, and this one ain't half bad.  Hitler was obviously a big Nick Diaz and is upset over the decision.


First, there was the martial arts movie classic Bloodsport, which featured a "monkey fighter" who would bounce around the ring using both his hands and feet on the mat.  Then Jon "Bones" Jones did a variation on that move where he tried to set up a single leg takedown against Rampage Jackson in their title fight.  Jones didn't get his takedown, but neither did he get cracked in this face for his efforts, unlike the poor guy in this video.

Under Pride rules, you would not see monkey style tactics used, because of the dangers of getting kicked in the head.  But under the unified rules, you cannot kick the head of a downed opponent (i.e. where the fighter has a hand or knee on the ground).  So when this guy got cracked, his opponent was DQ'd.  On the one hand, it's always nice to get a win, but on the other hand, this is not the way to do it.

Above is the video of the DQ.  After the jump you can check out the Bloodsport original, as well as Jones doing it against Rampage.

Once was not enough for a fan who asked Alistair Overeem to punch him in the gut.  Overeem went easy the first time, but the fan wanted more, so Overeem gave him what he asked for.  The guy then doubled over in pain and joy.  Time will tell if his spleen appreciates all the attention.  Hey, at least he knows how Brock Lesnar feels now!

Chael Sonnen barely squeaked by Michael Bisping in their fight last weekend, and before the decision was read, he says he did not know for sure if he was going to win.  But after the decision gave him the victory, Chael broke out into his best Superstar Billy Graham impersonation.  Sonnen used almost word for word lines from a post-match speech Graham gave back in the day.  It was entertaining and somewhat funny, but after such a close fight, Chael's heart just didn't seem as into it as it would have if he'd stopped Bisping.

Still, this shtick by Sonnen has raised his profile enormously among many fans, and his victory on Saturday assures him a second opportunity against UFC MW champion Anderson Silva.  Many hardcore MMA fans find Sonnen's WWE theatrics too over the top, but trash talk is encouraged and rewarded by the UFC, so be prepared for more of these kinds of post-fight antics.

I've got back to back videos for you to compare Sonnen's speech with Grahams.  Chills will run up your spine at the similarity.  Enjoy!

First up is Sonnen, followed by the original with Superstar Billy Graham:

Rich Franklin says it would take him less than a minute to beat any "average guy on the street" but he only needed 10 seconds to neck crank the guy in this video.  Rich follows that up with a 4 second achilles lock, which just shows how nice of a guy Rich is.  He could have turned that into a Palhares-style heel hook and crippled this guy for life.  Funny video, check it out.

After his big win over Big Nog, Frank Mir was on the set of UFC Undisputed, where he was doing motion capture exercises for the game.  The director thought he was pranking Frank by making him do silly moves, but Mir turned the tables and pranked the director so bad that the guy has started wearing Depends to work.  Yes, Frank Mir is a scary dude when he's mad--or pretending to be mad.  Check out the video.

The NY Badass, Phil Baroni, is known for his guns, the ones connected to his shoulders.  But he's also pretty good with a paintball gun.  Middle Easy went paintballing with Phil recently and produced a kick ass video of the fun.  Check it out.

Yes, there is a third Buffer brother doing ring announcing, and he takes things to a whole new level.  Check it out.


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