Funny MMA Videos

I'm just gonna leave this right here.

Alistair Overeem is known for his love of horse meat, but Sergei Kharitonov apparently prefers pork.  This video clip shows him putting the tender into pork tenderloin by beating up some dead pigs, Rocky-style.  Not sure what lead to the making of this video, nor do I care.  Because it's as glorious as bacon, and you don't question bacon, you just enjoy it. Gonna fry now!

Randy Couture is content in retirement.  He is not second-guessing his decision to retire and believes it's the right one.  And as for the dream fight with Fedor that never materialized, he say he has no regrets about it, and it is what it is.  Check out the video interview.

After his loss to Ryan Bader in Japan, Rampage Jackson is contemplating his future.  He already has some movie credits, and now he can add rapper to his already impressive resume.  Here's a video of Rampage laying down the rhymes in Tokyo.

During the NYC press conference announcing the Jim Miller vs. Nate Diaz card, on which Josh Koscheck will be fighting Johny Hendricks, the man who knocked out Josh's good friend Jon Fitch, Koscheck was asked about avenging Fitch's loss.  Before he could answer, a NY fight fan decided to let his feelings about Fitch be known...twice.  Here's the video.

Jon Bones Jones is known not only for skills inside the Octagon, he's also a crime fighter who subdued a mugger in New Jersey.  Now, he takes his police action one step further, by actually training to be a law enforcement officer.

In this video you can watch while Jones Jon gets attacked by a police dog, shoots a suspect, makes an arrest, and drives a police car through an obstacle course.  If you ever get pulled over by Jonny Bones, do yourself a favor and don't give him any lip!

Jon Jones went all Rousimar Palhares on Bob Kelly on the Opie and Anthony radio show, and didn't feel Kelly tapping frantically.  I say good for Bones, because a lot of these idiot fans say they want to experience a choke but then chicken out.  Bones should have held it as longer and then dropped Kelly like he did Machida.  Then Kelly would have a real story to tell!

Here's the video:

Chuck Liddell no longer fights in the UFC, but that doesn't stop him from throwing down in the cage.  In an episode of Hawaii Five-O, Liddell is back in MMA action.  Funny thing about this video, at one point Chuck's opponent does what very few have ever done: He takes the Iceman down.  When Chuck's long list of KO victims watch this video, they will probably kick themselves for not bringing a choreographer with them to the fight.  Check it out.

Alistair Overeem may be one the best heavyweight fighters in the world, but he's no champion of one handed bra-opening.  In this bizarre video clip, Overeem seems to be given a time trial for opening bras while holding a glass of beer.  Not sure what the world record is, but if you recall the Happy Days TV show, Arthur Fonzerelli has Alistair beat hands down...the back of women.

Check out this crazy clip.


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