In its heyday, Pride FC was the premier mixed martial arts promotion. For many hardcore MMA fans, it was a sad day when the UFC purchased the organization and immediately dismantled it. Fight fans will never forget some of the legendary matchups that took place in Pride, but one of the most memorable of all, and one that still gets talked about today, is the classic “hockey fight” that took place at Pride 21 when Don Frye fought Yoshihiro Takayama.

The fight lasted only six minutes but still won Fight of the Year in 2002. It was a brutal slugfest and reminded fans of a hockey fight because both fighters held on to each other with one hand while throwing punches with the other. Frye was the favorite going into the fight and it was no surprise that he came away victorious, but no one expected the kind of fireworks these men put on. Not sure if Frye and Takayama are hockey fans, but they were a pair of enforces on that night.

I’ve always wondered why more hockey players don’t get involved with MMA. They’ve got the toughness for it, no doubt about that. With their natural athletic ability and some cross training, particularly on the ground, hockey enforcers could make in impact in the sport. Enforcers, which are the fighters on hockey teams, are a vital part of the sport. A good enforcer protects the money players, which helps the teams win. Depending on who is enforcing, opposing players tread lightly lest they get pounded into the ice. Even betting odds are affected when certain enforcers are on the bench. So before you put your money down on NHL betting sites, make sure you pay attention to who’s protecting the stars of the team.

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