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One more week before UFC 130 and the Rampage Jackson vs. Matt Hamill showdown.  To get you pumped up, check out this preview video, followed by video interviews with both Rampage and Hamill.  As real as it gets!

UFC 129 is the biggest in the history of the organization.  Over 55,000 tickets have been sold.  Compare that to the 2800 sold for UFC 1, and you can see how far the UFC has come.  Check out this quickie video showing some of the numbers.

UFC 129 is just a few days away.  Jake Shields will attempt to take home GSP's title.  Both men are ready to do battle but only one man will come away victorious.
We featured Episode 1 recently, now it's time for Episode 2. Enjoy.
A week and a half to go before the big GSP vs. Jake Shields title fight.  Check out this 20 minute installed of UFC Primetime: St. Pierre vs. Shields video.

Here's a brand new fantastic MMA highlight video.  If you want to get revved up this morning, check out this video by NakedWelshman.  Are you ready?  Let's get it on!

Justin "The American Kid" Lawrence is turning heads in the MMA world, and for good reason.  He'll be fighting on Dan Bobish's "Ultimate Cage Battles: Stars and Stripes" event this Saturday the 9th.

Check out his MMA debut above, a highlight reel of his kickboxing matches, some other footage of the card's headliner Eduardo Pamplona along with a handful of other UCB fighters after the jump.

Brazil has produced some of MMA's greatest fighters and so it is only fitting that the UFC return to the birthplace of modern mixed martial arts.  UFC Rio will take place on August 27th in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Royce Gracie is almost guaranteed to be fighting on the card.  Royce is a legend and if he didn't perform the way he did in those early UFCs, capturing fans' imaginations, the Ultimate Fighting Championship may have been a flash in the pan that no one ever heard from again.  But Royce rose to the challenge and now, some 18 years later, the sport is bigger than ever.

Check out this UFC Rio preview.   Obrigado, Royce!



This Wednesday the 30th of March, the thirteenth season of "The Ultimate Fighter" airs on SpikeTV.  Heavyweight fighters Brock Lesnar and Junior dos Santos will assume the mantle of opposing coaches for the stable of fourteen welterweight participants.

Keep your eyes peeled for Michigan native Myles "The Fury" Jury, a 9-0 welterweight who's annihilated every foe in the first round with a well balanced finishing ratio (4 subs, 5 TKOs).  A heap of promo and cast introduction videos are posted after the jump.


Jon Jones took on Moyses Gabin at BCX 5 in New Jersey, a show in which I was the ring announcer.  I introduced Bones as "Jonny Bones aka Sexual Chocolate Jones" and just knew that he would eventually move on to the UFC.   His career really took off after this fight, and it's great to see him fighting for the title tomorrow night.  Here's the video of the fight.  At one point, the announcers say he's got a little Muhammad Ali in him, which is similiar to what Bruce Buffer said about the rising superstar.

Here is the video of the fight.


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