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UFC president Dana White has released his latest vlog, and this one is chock full of behind the scenes footage of UFC 137 and 138.  You will see fighters backstage after their fights, both the winners and the losers, and there are some poignant moments, such as the embrace between BJ Penn and Nick Diaz.  Good stuff, check it out.

The long awaited rematch, 15 years in the making, finally took place last weekend.  Tank Abbott took on Scott Ferrozzo for the second time, but this time the fight was not in the UFC Octagon, it was in somebody's back yard.  The scene looked a bit like Kimbo's first fights, the one that turned him into a legend, only this time there was no "metal thing" to watch out for.

In the rematch, Tank and Ferrozzo both landed bombs early and each man was rocked.  These guys are still very powerful and the fight definitely had its moment.  Here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Up in Vancouver last night, outside the Cinema Public House, Shia LaBeouf got his ass kicked.  By the time the camera started rolling, Shia was already on the ground and some shirtless drunk dude was punching him in the face.  Shia's turtle was terrible, which really goes to show how poorly the guy fights.  He has a reputation as a tough guy, but come on, if you can't even turtle right, it's time to learn how to run away from confrontations.

After the fracas was broken up, it seemed that Shia wanted to go after the guy.  Presumably he wanted to be put into a coma rather than just roughed up.  Fortunately for him, his friends held him back.

Maybe they need to make another Ninja Turtle movie and cast LaBeouf in it.  At least that way he'll be prepared for some drunken slob to issue a beatdown.

Here's the video of the quote unquote fight.


This kid needs a better wrestling coach.  It looks like he brought in James Toney to train him in wrestling, because he throws punches every chance he gets.  Not sure why the wrestling match turned into an MMA contest, but it's fun to watch.

Kimbo continues his metoric rise in boxing's heavyweight division, scoring a first round knockout last night over Tay Bledsoe.  Kimbo didn't take long to get the KO.  It happened with the first punch thrown in the fight, and Tay fell down like he'd been shot.

Like Kimbo's first bout, this one was scheduled for four rounds, and both opponents were extremely over matched.  It appears that the plan for Kimbo is for him to take over the title of "King of the Four Rounders" previously held by Butterbean Esch.  The difference is that Butterbean started MMA after his boxing career, while Kimbo is doing the exact opposite.

I would not be surprised if Kimbo's next opponent is a rematch against one of the guys he beat in his infamous backyard brawl videos.  And they should bring in a "metal thing" and put it in the ring to make things more interesting.

Here's the fight in its entirety.

Frankie Edgar defends his UFC lightweight title tonight when he takes on Gray Maynard at UFC 136.  This is the third time the two men will be facing each other in the Octagon, and if tonight's bout is even a fraction as exciting as their epic match back in January, fans will be buzzing about it for months to come.

In that fight, at UFC 125, Frankie absorbed an insane amount of punishment in the first round.  Many fans and pundits thought the fight could have and maybe should have been stopped.  But Frankie persevered and turned things around and came back strong the rest of the fight, which in the end was ruled a draw.  Frankie retained his title and the now long anticipated championship rematch is finally here.

I've been following Frankie Edgar's career since before his UFC debut.  He was tearing it up at the Ring of Combat shows in New Jersey, as well as Jersey's Reality Fighting events.  Around this time, he also fought some "off the books" fights, including  one at the Underground Combat League, which I have here for your viewing pleasure.  Also after the jump is Frankie's third professional bout, from April, 2006, at Lou Neglia's Ring of Combat.

And if that's not enough, you can check out some exclusive pics of Frankie from his underground fighting days.


Now this was a street fight!  A security guard and another man got into a fist fight in Memphis recently, and both threw some nice hands.  Clearly the security guard trains, probably in Muay Thai, but his opponent gave him a very tough fight by just ducking his head and winging punches. Check out the video.

Kimbo is back, and he doesn't have to worry about grapplers taking him down, dog shit on the grass or metal things in people's backyards.  He's given up MMA to focus on boxing, and in his debut he destroys James Wade.   Now gives this man his bread.  All day!  Here's the video.


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