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Brock Lesnar is a polarizing figure and he's got his share of haters.  But he deserves all the credit in the world for his highly successful, if short lived, mixed martial arts career.  Yes, Brock finished with a numerically-challenged record of 5-3.  But he did win the UFC heavyweight title, and he competed at the highest levels of the sport, despite suffering from diverticulitis, a serious digestive disease.  The guy was legit.  He was the real deal.  I wish him all the best in his post fight career.

Here's a hard rocking highlight reel of Brock Lesnar in action.

Great new Nick Diaz highlight/profile video by LazieTheSavage. Nick is a cardio machine and he was a serious threat to GSP's title. Now, with GSP hurt, Nick will be facing Carlos Condit for the UFC interim welterweight title. Check out this amazing video.


You've come a long way, baby!  Women are now competing at very high levels in combat sports, and as this video shows, they can sometimes even beat the men. Check out this video of Courtnie Korpela of Red Schafer Mixed Martial Arts using an arm drag to choke out her male opponent at the Waukesha Open 4 at Waukesha MMA in Waukesha, Wisconsin. This event took place on 12/10/2011.

Classic kickboxing fight right here, with Chuck Liddell weighing in at 222 pounds, taking on Scott Harmon.  At the time Chuck had a 13-2 (11) kickboxing record.  He wins the IKF Super Heavyweight title in a nice slugfest.  Rounds 1-3 up top, the rest of the fight after the jump.  Old school Iceman!

On the UFC 140 broadcast, Joe Rogan mentioned the fight between Bob Sapp and Antonio "Big Nog" Nogueira that took plact at Pride FC in Japan back in 2002.  It was a spectacular spectacle, and it showed the true heart and skills of Big Nog.  Here are some highlights of that classic fight.

Tank Abbott is one of MMA's all time biggest punchers.  The legendary slugger's knockouts were absolutey brutal.  Here's a complitation of Tank's greatest hits, including his epic knockout of Steve Nelmark. It was so devastating that Nelmark's name has become a verb, as in, "Fedor nelmarked Arlovski."

Check out this great video footage of the aftermath of UFC 139, which included one of the all time great fights in Hendo vs. Shogun.  The video is a Dana White Vlog, ahead of UFC 140, but it's mostly about the fighters backstage after UFC 139.  These guys go through hell, win or lose, and these insider videos bring home the emotion of the fights in a way that is rarely seen by fans.  This is a real as it gets, folks.

Legendary Japanese fighter Ryo Chonan performed one of MMA's greatest feats by submitting Anderson Silva with a flying scissor heel hook at the Pride Shockwave 2004 show.  It was a beautifully executed move and an unforgettable way to win a fight.  In the above video you can check out some backstage video of Anderson and Ryo, and then after the jump watch the submission itself.  Classic MMA right here, folks.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s father still has it.  He was in the ring with some douchebag boxer and the douchebag tried to suckerpunch old Floyd.  But the former boxer still has his skills, despite being 61 years old, and he proceeded to put a beating on the punk kid, who fled the ring.  Then the douchebag tried another sucker punch when Floyd's back was turned and things turned out bad for him, and rightly so.

The best part of this video is watching the 61 year Floyd, who was a defensive master when he boxed professionally, use the shoulder roll that his son employs to set up the straight right hand and left hook.  Twas a thing of beauty!


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