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Either the fat guy in this video is from the Mike Tyson school of fighting, or he was just hungry.  Either way, he took a big bite out of his opponent's ear before get dismantled.  Whatever happened to honor in street fights?  Oh, that's right, there never was any.  Here's the video.



If you are trying to lose weight, this video could help because you may not feel hungry for a long time after watching it.  An MMA fighter comes down wrong--and I mean wrong--on his leg and suffers a horrific knee dislocation.  He's going to need someone who went to one of the sports medicine schools. If you thought Ronda Rousey's arm-twisting dislocation of Meisha Tate's elbow was brutal, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Video after the jump.

With the UFC back in Japan, it's time to take to reminisce about the old days, all the way back to UFC 29, held in Tokyo in December of 2000.  This event was the last to be promoted by SEG before Zuffa took over.  Tito Ortiz and Pat Miletich defended their titles, Matt Hughes lost in 20 seconds to Dennis Hallman, Matt Lindland made his UFC debut, and Chuck Liddell fought Jeff Monson, and a local ring announcer was used in place of Bruce Buffer.  Ah , the good old days!

One of the funny moments was when Tito Ortiz explained how he lost his belt.  Hey, it's only about 500 bucks!

This video comes courtesy of, who is sitting on tons of great archival stuff.  Check it out.

Ben Henderson knows that Frankie Edgar is a very well rounded fighter and has great fundamentals, and that he's facing the toughest fighter of his career.  Henderson, a former WEC champion, will be getting his first crack at the UFC LW belt at UFC 144, and he says he'll have to match Frankie fundamental for fundamental if he's going to succeed.  Here's his video interview from Japan:

Somewhere out there Evander Holyfield is cringing, and Mike Tyson is smiling, at this video.  A fighter lands an elbow on his opponent's ear, causing the ear--or a big chunk thereof--to pop off the guy's head.  Can you hear me now?  Didn't think so!

Video is after the jump.  Click at your own risk.

Rolles Gracie took on Bob Sapp at One FC 2: Battle of Heroes on February 11.  The fight went down in classic Gracie style, with Rolles closing the distance, getting the take down and dominating the fight on the ground.  Here's the video of Gracie's impressive performance.

New YouTube video compilation showing some of the bloodiest fights in MMA history, for people who are into that sort of thing.  One fight that probably should have been included was the Severn vs. Taktarov match, but I won't quibble with the videographer who put this together.  Some brutal action here, so grab a bloody mary, and maybe a tampon, and enjoy.  Warning: Not for the squeamish.

Some of you old school UFC fans remember DojoTV.   They provided great coverage back in the day, during MMA's dark period.  UFC 28 was the first officially sanctioned UFC event, and it took place in in Atlantic City, New Jersey way back in November, 2000.  This is a historic event, and DojoTV was there.

Now DojoTV is back, and it's been a long time coming.  You can check out their new website at  They have a huge archive of great footage, and they have big plans for the future.

Check out this video clip of some rare behind the scenes footage of UFC 28, featuring Matt Hughes, Tito Ortiz, Chuck Liddell, Big John McCarthy, Pat Miletich, John Lewis, Jens Pulver, Kevin Randleman and Randy Couture.  This is good stuff!

Here's some great behind the scenes footage of the UFC on Fox 2 show.  This is actually more compelling viewing than the actual fights.  Enjoy!


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