Mike D'Angelo Jr. comes from a fighting family. One of five boys, he and his brothers all grew up practicing martial arts. They've competed in tournaments up and down the East Coast and have done very well. As a kid Mike was a 4-time NAGA national champion and 1-time NAGA world champion. Now he is looking to make an impact on MMA.

In his first fight for Short Fuse, a Fort Myers promotion, Mike won the Short Fuse 170 pound amateur title with a third round submission of his opponent. He will be defending that title tomorrow night, November 11, against Ricky Sanchez.

As the NAGA titles show, Mike is very well versed on the ground, but he's got a great stand up game too. He's trained with Derek Panza, who is a former ISKA world heavyweight champion. Panza has knocked out 3 UFC fighters including Pat Smith, who he KO'd to win the ISKA world heavyweight championships. Mike also trains with Tim "Bring the Pain" Lane, a top striking coach out of Las Vegas.

In addition to fighting, Mike is also a trainer himself. Along with his Dad, Mike Sr., he recently opened D'Angelo Mixed Martials Arts in Cape Coral, Florida.

Mike is definitely a rising talent and he's somebody to keep your eye on. He plans on eventually going pro but wants to make sure that he's ready. "Definitely looking to go pro," he says. "But I'm taking it one step at a time. Step by step."

And victory by victory.

For more information about D'Angelo Mixed Martial Arts, check out their Facebook page: D'Angelo Mixed Martial Arts



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