Fedor is bringing in the big guys in preparation for Big Foot Silva, who tips the scales at the heavyweight limit of 265 pounds.  The Last Emperor will be training with Ernesto Hoost's coaches and Gegard Mousasi ahead of his first round tournament next month in NJ.

From Mixfight.ru via Steve Rattlesnake, M-1 CEO Vadim Finkelstein said:


In a couple of days, Gegard Mousasi and well-known coaches from Ernesto Hoost’s team will arrive in Russia. They will meet with Fedor and join his training process.  This is intended to help diversify the preparatory process for Fedor. For a long time he worked with the same coaches and sparring partners. This will open up new skills for training, adapt from the representatives’ styles and use it in his personal technique. Also on that team that will prepare Fedor, is a fighter weighing 122 kg, the same weight as of that Bigfoot Silva’s.

One criticism of Fedor has been that he does not train with enough different people.  For this Strikeforce tournament it looks like he is going to be training with lots of partners, and that will only be good for his overall game.  Although he is philosophical about his loss to Werdum, Fedor is a very determined competitor and he wants to show the world that he's still number one.

Round one of the tournament is February 12 in New Jersey and features Fedor vs. Big Foot along with Arlovski vs. Kharitonov.  Tickets on sale tomorrow.




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