Fedor has a fight with Jeff Monson coming up on November 20 and he's going to be training with his brother Aleksander in preparation for the bout.  Fedor and Aleks will be training in Holland, and Aleks is going to work with Fedor on grappling mostly, but also some striking.  This video interview was translated by Brace from the Team Takeover forum.  The video is below, as well as a couple of choice Fedor quotes.  For the complete translation, check out Team Takeover.

Reporter: Hello Fedor, we are greeting you before your fight with Jeff Monson on November 20. Tell us how you are feeling and about the preparations.

Fedor: Thank you. Everything is fine and I'm feeling good, thank God. The preparations are going according to plans. Until today (around second week of October) we were training here at home, in Russia, but in the upcoming time I am going to Holland and will train there with my brother Aleksander.

R: Today you will meet with Jeff Monson. Have you watched any of his fights? What do you think about this opponent and what can you say about him?
F: Of course I watched his fights. He is one of the strongest fighters. He's fought in the UFC, and in Pride, and in other promotions. He has beaten name fighters. What can I say? He has great physical strength, he is explosive and has great stamina. Very good wrestler and of course a lot of experience.



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