Bad news for Japansese Olympic gold medal judoka and MMA fighter Satoshi Ishii.  Fight Opinion is reporting that Ishii suffered a head injury in his fight with Fedor at the Dream show on New Year's Eve.  At first it was thought that he'd suffered nothing more than a broken nose, but then doctors found signs of cerebral edema, a condition that could end is MMA career.  Doctors advised Ishii that he faces serious danger if he continues fighting, as more blows to the head could result in serious injury.

This is a big blow to Ishii and MMA fans everywhere, but especially in Japan.  It's always great to see Olympic-level athletes competing in MMA, but obviously health concerns need to take priority.  Here's hoping that Satoshi Ishii makes a complete recovery.

For those who missed the Fedor vs. Ishii fight, here's the video.



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