This Saturday night, Pat Barry will be taking on MMA legend Mirko "CroCop" Filipovich at UFC 115.  As a kid, Barry used to idolize CroCop.  Now he's going to be looking to take his head off.  Such is the fight game.

Kalin Johnston has this exclusive interview with Pat Barry for

KALIN: I'm here right now with UFC Heavyweight Pat Barry.  Pat, what's goin on man, how are you?

BARRY: I'm doing pretty good, in fact I'm getting ready to head out to Las Vegas in the morning.  Other than that I'm just rested up and ready.

KALIN: With two K-1 level fighters going at it in MMA, that is something that you don't always see and somewhat of a dream fight for the fans.

BARRY: Yeah, you definitely don't.  I know myself as a fan, I would rather see a devastating knockout versus a submission.  I mean submissions are awesome and they're great, but I would rather see a head kick knockout over an armbar any day.

KALIN: Before I called you up I was actually playing the new UFC 2010 Undisputed video game and I was using you against CroCop.  I won by throwing a left leg kick followed up by a right head kick which got the knockout, so if you do that in the fight and it wins you the fight, you know who to thank for the game plan.

BARRY: Alright man, left leg kick followed by the right head kick, I'm on it.

KALIN: Have you checked out the game yet?

BARRY: Yeah I was there the night it came out at Gamestop.  They had me there for a UFC Undisputed tournament and release party.  I was there standing in the crowd cheering them on as they were playing.

KALIN: What did you think about how they did with your character?

BARRY: Hey man that thing is awesome.  It's amazing.  The fact that I'm a video game character now...nobody can ever take that away from me.  I'm pretty much done.  I should just retire right now.  Just being a video game character is so cool.  I mean I've always wanted to be a ninja.  I always played Street Fighter growing up and now I'm actually in a fighting game.  The thing looks just like's crazy.

KALIN: What was the actual process of getting you into the game?

BARRY: Actually I didn't do anything.  Basically they asked me if I wanted to be in the game and I said yeah.  They just sent them some pictures of my face.  The guy who did the graphics is like an evil wizard artist man.  He captures me completely.

KALIN: CroCop was one of your big heroes in the fight game growing up.  What does it feel like to now be to a place where you are going to fight him?

BARRY: To me, it's like I get to meet one of my biggest heroes in person.  Not only do I get to meet him, but I get to stand in the same octagon as him and possibly punch him in the head.  Not only do I get to hopefully get an autograph, but I get to shake his hand and test myself as a fighter against him.

KALIN: If you knock him out and they are taking him out on a stretcher, are you going to run over and try to bring him back to consciousness for long enough to get an autograph?

BARRY: Yeah man I hope so.

KALIN: What is your prediction for the fight?  First round knockout possibly?

BARRY: I'm pretty much sure that this fight isn't going out of the first round.  One of us is going to get carried out.  I have no idea who it's going to be getting carried out, but I'm hoping that it's not me.  One of us is going to get blasted with something and have to get woken up.

KALIN: A lot of people are claiming that CroCop is past his prime, but I totally disagree.  What are your thoughts?

BARRY: I completely disagree.  Crocop is not washed up.  He is the same monster that he always was.  It's just that we have all gotten better.  That's why it makes him look a little bit less invincible.  Anyone out there that feels that CroCop is past his prime and is not dangerous anymore, feel free to take my place Saturday night.  Prove me wrong.  I don't mind, go ahead and step in there for me and show that he has nothing left to offer to the fight game anymore.

KALIN: I don't care if CroCop loses his next five fights, I would still never get anywhere near that left leg, I'm leaving that one up to you.

BARRY: I don't want to be near it either man.  I try not to think about it.

KALIN: CroCop is a big name in the fight game.  If you take him out Saturday and get his name on your resume, that will open up a lot of doors for you.  What do you see going on for you after this fight?

BARRY: My guess is possibly Cheick Kongo since Cheick Kongo beat CroCop.  I think that the UFC knows that I bring excitement and knows that I bring power and speed and agility and a flashy striking game that the crowd loves to see.  I don't think I'm on the UFC's bad side.  Well, maybe I am, maybe that's why they put me up against CroCop because they want to get rid of me.  I think the UFC likes throwing me in there with guys that will stand up and bang with put on a show.

KALIN: Do you have your eyes set on a title shot at this point or are you just working on getting wins under your belt?

BARRY: I'm only six fights into MMA so I'm definitely not going straight for a title shot.  Of course I want to test myself against the best, but in the UFC everybody is the best.  I'm looking to keep getting more fights, keep winning, and maybe one day be on the same level of these guys that I'm competing against.

KALIN: How would a fight with you and Lesnar go?

BARRY: I don't want to fight him.  You can have him.  Actually, you know what I can do?  I can jab him once in the face and then run away for the rest of the fight.

KALIN: And if anyone criticizes you just say that you're fighting like Anderson Silva.  Well Pat it's been great talking to you.  Is there anything that you would like to say in closing?

BARRY: Just tune in Saturday night.  It's going to be crazy.



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