Your first title defense has been announced and it's Rafael "Feijao" Cavalcante.  What do you think about Feijao?

King Mo: He's a tough dude, I guess.  I'm gonna smash him.  People think he's a bad match up for me, but in my second fight I fought a guy Fabio Silva, who's a kickboxer from Chuteboxe. He was more aggressive and probably has more knockouts [than Cavalcante].  He's just as big and I ran through him easy.  Feijao gets tired and he's not as fast.  He's kind of slow and I'm gonna push him and I'm gonna break him in the first or second round. Will you stand with him or take him down?

King Mo: I can stand with him.  All he throws is looping left hooks.  He doesn't throw any straight punches, everything he throws is looping.  And he's a plodder, so he doesn't move as good.  People thinks he trains with Anderson Silva, but I saw Anderson Silva two days ago at the gym.  Anderson trains in Orange Country, Feijao trains in Brazil, not with Anderson. In the Mousasi fight, after the second round, you looked like you were getting tired but then you came on strong.

King Mo: Yeah what happened was Mayhen fought before me and we have the same coaches so I was waiting backstage.  I didn't get hands taped till twenty minutes before the fight. So I had to rush my warm up and rush everything. In the first I had an andrenaline dump and I just got stupid. Then in the third round I knew he was getting tired and I was starting to feel fresh again so I had to pick it up some more, to keep the pressure on.  And Mousasi is known to gas.  People don't know that because he's good at submissions.  I just put so much pressure on that he couldn't react to anything. One thing I noticed about Mousasi is his poker face in there.  Even in the later rounds of the fight, it seemed like he felt like he was in control, judging by the look on his face.

King Mo: You know what it is, he's trying to be like a fake Fedor.  The thing is, I saw Mousasi fight years ago, and I wanted to fight him, because all the hype was around him.  I saw him, he beat Jacare, he beat Denis Kang.  Mousasi's trying to be Russian but I seen he was kind of fake. I knew I was going to expose him.



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