After an undefeated run in the WEC with notable submission wins over Jens Pulver, Mark Hominick, and LC Davis, top ten ranked featherweight Josh Grispi came into the UFC with a lot of well-deserved hype behind him.  Despite losing his title shot when champion  Jose Aldo went down with an injury and going on to lose his number one contendership against fellow UFC newcomer Dustin Poirier, twenty-two year old Grispi is still thought of as one of the top featherweights in the sport and is looking to show the critics why as he takes on George Roop at The Ultimate Fighter 13 Finale.  Kalin Johnston caught up with Josh to get his thoughts on the fight among other topics such as his UFC debut against Poirier.


Kalin Johnston: I am here right now with Josh Grispi who of course has a fight coming up against George Roop at the TUF 13 finale.  How is everything going in preparation for the fight Josh?


Josh Grispi:  Things are going real good.  I feel I have a lot to prove and I want to come out and put on the best performance I can.


KJ: Going into this fight with George, what are some parts of his game that you feel might give you trouble?


JG:  George is good all over.  I need to be ready for everything with this guy.  My last fight I feel I may have taken lightly and as we all saw it does not take much in this game to lose.  All the fighters at the UFC level are top level so for me I am concerned with everything George brings to the table.


KJ: When you are studying tape on an upcoming fighter, do you get more info out of watching one of their losses such as Roop vs. Mark Hominick to pick up on their weaknesses or a fight where they show their strengths such as Roop vs. Sung Jung?


JG:  To be honest I do not really watch any of the pay-per-views or other fights.  I love Animal Planet! (laughs)


KJ: You have a very interesting career thus far in the UFC.  You were all set to have a title shot against Jose Aldo, but when he went down with an injury, you risked your number one contender status by fighting Dustin Poirier.  Did you feel any pressure from the UFC to take part in that fight or was it all your decision to take that risk?


JG:  No pressure at all.  I let the UFC take care of that; I just prepare for whoever is next.  I am young and will get my shot at some point.


KJ: Looking back do you wish that you waited for Aldo to heal up before fighting?


JG:  No.  God has great things in store for me so I let him lead the way.


KJ: Where do you feel that a win over George would put you in terms of rank in the weight class?


JG:  I really do not know.  I just fight, I try not to think about the what if's


KJ: Your father introduced you to martial arts after you were kicked out of a paintball facility.  Tell us about how all this came about.


JG:  I was a crazy kid when I was younger.  I was always into something, but I still had respect for others.  I guess I just had a quick temper (laughs).  MMA gave me the outlet to get rid of some energy and at the same time help make me the man I am today.


KJ: Thank you so much for your time Josh.  Is there anything you would like to say before I let you go?


JG:  I always thank God for all he has given me and all of those around me every day that help to keep me going forward.  My family, all my teammates and friends at Southshore Sport Fighting and without question MY FANS!  I promise to work hard and come back strong against a tough George Roop and give you all the show you’re waiting for.




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