I ran into Pete Sell on Friday night at the Ring of Combat show (more on ROC 22 later) and spoke to him about his big UFC win and his future. Garv: Hey Pete. Great fight against Josh Burkman at UFC 90. Tell us about the fight. Sell: Ah, man. I'm still excited about it. I needed a win, man, to get back on track. I mean, talk about having a monkey on your back man. Two years on a losing streak man. It's really tough. A lot of things mentally you have to get over and just keep pressing and persevering to get through that. I trained so hard for this. I didn't cut no corners. Ever since I came back from injuries, from March, I trained three times a day, like every day. I was like an animal for the fight. I felt so good and it paid off. Garv: You looked pretty pumped at the weigh ins. You also struck a pose for a pic that became very popular on the Net. What was that pose? Sell: (Laughs) That's something from back in the day. We used to bug out, we're like, TO THE TOP! You know what I mean. Used to bug out with my boys, my boy Roy, God bless his soul, he was in a bad car accident, you know. He's like a little messed up now. But his older brother used to always bug out, TO THE TOP! You know what I mean, it's an old school thing. Pete Sell: To the Top! Garv: You looked super confident at the weigh ins, you must have felt real good going into the fight even though there was so much pressure. Sell: Man, I felt really good man. I was real confident, man. I did the right thing in my training. I'm like, I'm ready for what this guy got. I've been there, done that. Basically, I've been in wars before in the fight game and there's nothing somebody's gonna throw at me that I haven't seen before. I don't care how tough they are or what tricks they have up their sleeve. It's like alright: I've been knocked out before, I've been there, done that. Be ground and pounded, some guys throwing submissions at me, I've been there, done that. So what? What are you gonna do? Garv: So it all went the way you expected? Sell: Yeah, pretty much. I mean, I knew he had that right hand. He caught me early with that. I mean, good for him. He set it up good and he caught me with a good shot. I smiled at the guy, let's do this man, let's put on show. I'm in your face, I'm gonna keep coming either way. Garv: This was a must win for both of you guys and you got the win. What's next for you? Sell: The UFC hasn't called me yet, so I'm gonna call them soon, after Thanksgiving, man. I've still been training hard. I took a week off, man, been training hard since. Still three times a day, still killing it. Doing my thing, staying in shape. I'm in good shape now. I just need a little bit of notice. Of course I can't take a fight on short notice. I gotta drop the weight the right way. So I'm gonna look for something at the end of January, early February. Get another fight and see what I can do as 170. Garv: What did you think about the Brock Lesnar/Randy Couture fight? Sell: You know, Couture's a legend, man. I really wanted Couture to take that. I mean [Lesnar's] such a beast, man. In comparison the guy had so much weight on Couture it was like a 205 pound guy fighting a 155 pound guy. Imagine that going on. I mean, who's gonna win that fight? At that level, It's the way it is. Garv: Last question. Do you have anything to say to the UFC's 170 pound division? Sell: Man, I really got nothing to say to them, man. I'm happy I'm on a winning streak, I'm happy to be here. I'm gonna have fun fighting exciting fights for the fans. And that's it, man. I'm just being humble with it and doing my thing. Garv: Awesome, Pete. You da man! Sell: Thanks Garv.


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