Matt SerraMatt Serra is one of the funniest guys in MMA. Even though he and Matt Hughes are coming off losses, it looks like a showdown between these two is going to happen. I talked to Matt about this and other stuff at the weigh ins for the Kimbo card. How you doing, Matt?

I'm doing all right, man. Matt, you're a fellow Strong Islander, I live right around the corner from you.

Yep, we're neighbors, man. So you look all healed up from the GSP fight.

I'm good, man. I'm just healing up my elbow. Everything he did to me is fine, you know what I mean. That heals up in a few days, the black eyes. But I elbowed his head at the beginning of the fight when he took me down and I did something to my ulnar nerve. So I'm just resting that up, I can't really roll or spar right now. But I'm staying in shape by jumping on the treadmill and whatnot, trying to not go nuts with the pasta, you know. But I should be all right. I'm getting it checked out some more but right now there's still some numbness in my hand.

GSP didn't fight the same fight as the first time. He did not want to trade punches with you.


Yeah, that's strange, right. I mean, that's smart I guess. I thought he might try to take me down. I didn't think he'd try it so early. But you know, more power to him. It worked out great for him. And it is what is is, man. It's almost like "laces out" from that Jim Carey movie. I knew the round was ending in the second round. I think I should have rolled out a little sooner. Once they stopped it, I knew man. I mean, I was coherent, I had my wits. And I was like, man I shouldn't have waited so long to get out of there. It wasn't like I was mounted and couldn't escape. I was kind of biding my time a little bit knowing it's a five round fight, letting the guy expend a lot of energy. The knees and whatnot didn't even bother me. The punch before wasn't fun but still, that's part of the game.

Well, you can take a shot.

Man, look at me dude. I don't have a face like that guy. I can take a licking.

Nobody will notice.

Yeah, exactly.

What do you think about Kimbo headlining? A lot of people don't like that.

Man, I don't want to hate on Kimbo. He's making the right moves. He's with Bas Rutten, which is smart. He's learning the games. He's not fighting anymore in the backyards or whatever and I guess he did what he had to do. My whole problem is...the whole internet sensation. Because that's gonna lead to a bunch of knuckleheads, teenagers wanting to get into this, instead of doing it the right way, they're going to be grabbing their camcorders trying to become the next Internet sensation. And that's not exactly good for the sport. That's the only problem I have with it, nothing against him personally.

Tim Sylvia said the exact same thing.

Don't throw me in there with that fucking nimrod please.

You are not a Tim Sylvia fan.

Oh God.

What's wrong with him?

He's just a jerkoff. He used to be a nice guy too. But I guess maybe because of my feud with Matt Hughes. I heard about comments he made about my first fight with GSP. And he said some things about my buddy Drago, he was happy he got knocked out. He's just a nasty piece of shit.

He was on his best behavior when I saw him.

I used to get along with the guy. But some guys, they win enough fights they're not the same guy when they walk into the UFC as when they walk out. I've seen that with Hughes, unless he was always a cock and it just came out.

Possible, based on his book.

I didn't read it, but I heard about some things. It's hysterical.

So I know you liked my video about Joe Scarola...

I laughed, man.

Are you still talking to Joe?

No, man, he's doing his own thing and more power to him. Hopefully he does well. I don't want to hate the guy or nothing, but obviously I don't own a health club, I own a jiu jitsu school, martial arts. This is becoming a sport, mixed martial arts is taking off, but there's still the martial arts aspect of it. Joey's phenomenal at jiu jitsu and that's great, but character is a big part of who I am. What went down on show--he thinks it's about a TV show, but the whole not owning up to it just kills me.

What's next for Matt Serra?

You'll know I've become a cock if I start saying: Let me tell you what's next for Matt Serra. But since you said it... You know what? I'm gonna heal up my elbow and most likely be fighting Hughes, hopefully in the fall.

Oh man, bad blood.

That's gonna be fun, people are going to look forward to that. And I feel like a winner already knowing I get to hit that guy.

What did you think about BJ Penn's win over Sherk?

I though BJ looked awesome, man. I watched that fight like twice, it was cool. I thought BJ, man he really utilized that jab nice. I thought it was like the best he ever looked, especially standing, he was totally relaxed. Even walking out he was Zen-like. I like BJ, I think he's a really good guy. I've known him for awile and I'm happy for him.

Now, GSP is much taller than you---

Everybody's taller than me, what's your point?

Well, have you thought about 155? Or is it too tough to make?

It's just takes all the fun out of everything I do, man. I like to fight. I don't mind fighting the bigger guys. I lost to GSP, but it's still a guy I feel I can take. I feel like I can do great with the bigger guys.

Well, you're one and one with GSP, so a rubber match needs to happen. Maybe after Hughes.

Dude, I like what you're preaching. I'm with ya. I'm with ya dude!

Awesome. Matt you are the man.

Thanks, man. Good talking to you, bro.



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