Anyone that has seen Hermes Franca fight knows that he brings it with devastating overhand rights, knees, and sick jiu-jitsu. With a record of 18-7, with 6 KO/TKOs, and 11 Submissions you can see that he goes for the finish and makes exciting fights. Recently he has had two tough decision wins being out wrestled and controlled by Frankie Edger and then Champion Sean Sherk. Before that he was on an 8 fight win streak finishing all opponents by KO or Submission! Hermes is looking forward to getting back to his winning ways and came to the World No Gi Jiu-jitsu Championships in Southern California to get some competition in!

DTW- You just competed here at the No Gi World Jiu-jitsu Championships. Tell us how it went and the results of each match.

Franca- It was great. It was a very good event. However, I won my first match by points, my second match by points, and I got disqualified in the finals for going for a heal hook. It's my fault that I didn't know the rules that heal hooks were not allowed. I just need to learn the rules next time.

DTW- Do you know whom you are fighting next and when that will be?

Franca- I will be fighting Gleison Tibau (15-6 w/2 KO/TKO's, 7 Subs) who is an American Top Team Fighter. He is very good. I am training hard and hopefully it will be a good fight. It should be taking place at UFC 90 in Chicago on Oct. 25th!

DTW- What problems does Tibau potentially present?

Franca- Well he's a black belt in jiu-jitsu, a good wrestler, and a great fighter. He's fought top guys and is well-rounded.

DTW- The recent Kenny Florian/Roger Huerta fight was a really featured match up. Would you like to fight those guys? Huerta and you both bring it, that would be exciting!

Franca- Of course I would be interested in fighting those guys. They have big names and this is my job.

DTW- What about a fight someday against Joe Stevenson? You were both #1 Challengers that have fought for the title and that would be another exciting match for you.

Franca- Yes, he is a great fighter and in one or two more fights that would be a great match for me. I like his style! He is aggressive and his stamina is good.

DTW- What was it like fighting Sean Sherk with his constant pressure? You kept coming as hard as you could with a couple of devastating knees and close guillotine chokes.

Franca- It is very hard when a guy is trying to break your game and you just don't know what to do. It was a good fight and it showed me my weakness. I have to work on my wrestling and I have been doing so.

DTW- Tell us about your school, you fairly recently broke away from the Armory and opened your own place?

Franca- I've been teaching in West Palm Beach, Florida and I will be opening another one in Jupiter, Florida in the next few weeks. In Palm Beach I teach at the Palm Beach Boxing Club, and my place in Jupiter will be the Jupiter Combat Club. My website at is under construction.



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