I spoke with my good bud Frank Shamrock today to get his thoughts on the GSP fight and to find out what he's up to. Hey Frank, thanks for the interview. In the previous interview we talked about you fighting GSP. Did you catch his fight against Fitch? Nah, I didn't watch it. I heard he smashed Fitch though. Yeah, he dominated Fitch. Yeah, I figured he would. What do you see as GSP's strengths and weaknesses? Well, he's just a well rounded guy. That's what everybody forgets--that it's still martial arts. You need to know a little bit about everything and have confidence in it. And that's why he smashed Fitch. He knows how to box and he knows when someone doesn't know how to box, I mean really know how to punch. He has experience, he has confidence and he has enough in each area, punching, kicking, wrestling, submissions. He's good at the basics. A good athlete. There was some talk of GSP moving up to fight Silva. I think naturally Silva's just way too big for him. I think they're on the same level skill-wise. I think they both have stronger assets in different areas but overall I think they're both really good. But I think Silva's way too big. How about you? Do you think you're physically bigger than GSP? You know, I think so. I probably have an inch or so on him. I think he's right around 175 or so. My natural is around 185 or so. My body's natural weight is 185, 186. Is that what you're at right now? I'm about 191 or 192, but I equate those five extra pounds to beer and good living. (Laughs) Nice. The truth is when I'm not having a beer every other day or a steak or two a week, I'm actually about 186. You gotta live a little too. I ate chicken and rice for two and half years and it was one of the worst experiences of my live. Here's a funny thing about GSP. After the Fitch fight there was a GIF going around that showed GSP licking his fingers then apparently pinching his nipples. (Laughs) And people were laughing and everything, and then Phil Baroni came on the thread and said that the reason GSP did this was because he had "bitch tit" and that when he does that, it's less noticeable. (Laughing) Uh, wow! That's awesome! I don't even know what to think. How do people know this stuff? I've never pinched my nipples before a fight but whatever gets you going, man. Right. You know, he seemed to be looking at Fitch when he did it... (Laughs) Maybe he was just turning himself on, I don't know. That's funny. That's what happens when you get a bunch of people watching... Every move you make. Everything you do. Ok, now to Robbie Lawler. Is that fight signed and in the books? No, it's not signed and in the books yet. I'm still working on it. Are you excited about that fight? Yeah, Lawler's tough and he's young. But he's still a little unpolished and wild. He's got aggression on his side. I even think he might be a little bigger than me. But I think that the crispness of my boxing skill and my ability to stay in there and experience it, I think I'm gonna smash him (laughs). Fair enough. You've got the experience on him and I think you'll be able to make the fight go where you want it to. I see a weakness in his style and that is when you do hit him, he gets mad and he brawls with you. That's just not a mature mentality. So the fight's not signed but it looks like it's probably what's next for you. What about Cung Le? I know he's waiting in the wings. Any progress on that front? Well, yeah Cung Le's definitely waiting in the wings. But we never really made any [money] off the pay per view with Cung because he's kind of a new force in MMA. So that one I think we're gonna have to push out for a little while. To build him up a little first. Yeah. I mean to beat the crap out of each other and not make any money...that wasn't the business I signed up for. If it's not Lawler, then we're also we're really working hard on the Blood Brothers event. Shamrock vs Shamrock. That's scheduled for 2009 sometime, right? Yeah, we've got some dates in the first quarter of 2009. But that's a big network show, so we're working on the networks to get them involved. You mean TV? Oh yeah. Well, you know I think a show of this magnitude, with this idea and concept, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity, once in a sport opportunity. I think a network could use that opportunity to launch their presence into MMA. Brother against brother... Yeah. Everybody gets it. Everyone's going to tune in. And if you provide a quality product you'll get x percentage back and you got your in again. Have you been talking with Ken about this? Yeah. So this is a situation where you put aside your differences to make the fight and then you'll got out and beat the living shit out of one another. (Laughing) Yeah. That's the business. That's true. We both see the value in it and the opportunity. It's only gonna happen once, we should take advantage of it. If we're professionals, we should take advantage of it. Well, I'd love to see it. Thanks, Frank. Frank also told me about a Veteran's program he's working on. He's going to send me some info on it and I will get that posted to the site.


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