Top ranked lightweight Eddie Alvarez returns to Bellator Fighting Championships tomorrow night on MTV2 as he takes on fellow lightweight Pat Curran in a fight where Alvarez’s lightweight championship will be on the line.’s Kalin Johnston caught up with a much focused Eddie the day before his big title defense.

Kalin Johnston: I am here right now with Bellator lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez, how are you this evening Eddie?

Eddie Alvarez: I feel great, this is the best I've ever felt going into a fight.  I feel super energetic with this weight cut.

KJ: You have a fight with Pat Curran coming up tomorrow night.  When you look at Pat’s game, what really stands out to you as something that might create problems?  How do you plan on dealing with those problems?

EA:  I feel like Pat has good fighting instincts, he's young so naturally I expect him to be very prepared.  I dont see any problems I don't think I can't find solutions for in the fight.

KJ: With guys like Ben Saunders, Lyman Good, and Greg Rebello on the card, this might be Bellator’s biggest night of fights to date. This card will also of course be televised on MTV2.  What do you think of Bellator being on a much bigger stage than that of their first few years?

EA: It makes me excited, it's my first opportunity to showcase my talents to an audience this large.  The partnership between Bellator and MTV will help me continue to gain popularity among more fans in the MMA world.

KJ: With all due respect to Bjorn Rebney and his promotion that has come so far in such a short time, there really isn’t any top competition for you.  The talks of a fight with Gilbert Melendez are now dead because of Zuffa’s acquisition of Strikeforce.  Do you feel pressured to move to a Zuffa promotion in the near future so that you have a chance to fight fellow top 25 lightweights?

EA:  I'm only concerned with things I can control.  I have to fulfill my obligations to Bellator, so right now my immediate goals are to continue to improve as a fighter and stand up to any/all opposition.

KJ: From a business standpoint what does Bellator need to do to insure that they pick up some of the up and comers that are not yet under contract with Zuffa?

EA: That's totally up to Bjorn.

KJ: Your brother Albert recently picked up an eight second knockout.  How do you see his future in fighting going?

EA:  I always say that a good fighter is a good listener.  Albert is a great listener, and he has the ability to take moves and implenent them into his arsenal quickly.   As long as he continues on this path, I see big success in his future.

KJ: How will the Alvarez brothers stack up against the Diaz and Miller bros?

EA:  Alvarez's on top for sure.  We're the new O'Doyles (Editor's note: Nice Billy Madison reference).

KJ: You grew up in Kensington, Philadelphia, which is a very rough area.  How has this affected you both from a personal and professional standpoint?

EA:  I think that I'm at an advantage because I've dealt with adversity from a young age. That's a huge part of fighting, overcoming adversity and persevering.  My upbringing has made me an all around better person and fighter.

KJ: You have been on Bully Beatdown twice now and a lot of people have questioned the shows legitimacy.  Walk us through the process of you being on set.

EA:   Fighters don't hold back, they are allowed and encouraged to compete to the best of their abilities.  The Bully's give 100% and so do the fighters.  The storylines are  designed to entertain.

KJ: Thank you for your time Eddie and good luck in your fight against Pat.  Is there anything you would like to say before I let you go?

EA: Thanks to for the shout and make sure to check out my websites, and



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