We all have those touching and sentimental moments from our past that we relate fondly to friends or recall to a group of loved ones while sitting around a campfire:  the manhood-defining loss of virginity, the first time you got your ass kicked, the first time you kicked someone's ass, your first car, the moment you realized every other sport was vastly inferior to MMA, and that time Kid Yamamoto shot a Yakuza member in the face with a BB gun and was forced to go into hiding.

Well, maybe outright legend and MMA pioneer Enson Inoue speaks from a different perspective than the rest of us.  The man known as "Yamato Damashii" has an extensive history and prestigious reputation in the world of Japanese MMA.  He was married to the sister of Norifumi "Kid" Yamamoto, and is also one of the rare few to have submitted Randy Couture.

In this video interview with, Inoue shares a rather absorbing story about how fellow MMA icon "Kid" Yamamoto once accidentally shot one of the Japanese Yakuza mobsters in the face with a BB gun, and was forced to go on the lam until Enson took advantage of his admired status within the group and alleviated the situation.  The video containing the story about Kid is posted first, and the other three parts of the interview follow.

This is a great series of behind-the-scenes tales from one of the first true warriors of the sport who made it very clear that he was perfectly willing to die on his shield for the honor of combat, and gained an enormous amount of respect for doing so.  Enson also discusses how he helped Kid get into MMA from wrestling and hooked up his K-1 contract, his advisement that Kid was not ready to fight, more Yakuza fables, and the marijuana posession charge on his rap sheet.


Enson Inoue, part 1 from on Vimeo


Enson Inoue, part 2 from on Vimeo


Enson Inoue, del 4 from on Vimeo.



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