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At this past Asylum Fight League show on July 26, we saw our fair share of wars, knockouts and submissions. Throughout the night the top Amateur MMA fighters of the Northeast squared off at the Philadelphia Flyers minor league practice center. With a decent crowd in attendance the fighters pleased the excited fight fans giving them what they want, that being knockouts and tons of heart.

The team that really proved to be a class above the rest are those fighters that hailed from Long Island, representing 4-Time World Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Champion Emerson Souza's talented squad.

In the first bout of the night featured 27 year old Emerson Souza blue belt Ivan Gomez. But we never got a chance to see the blue belt pull out any flashy submissions, or takedowns. Instead we saw Mr. Gomez come out into the middle of the ring, throwing a "2-3-2" combination leaving his opponent out cold at just 19 seconds of the first round, before coaches could even get a work out. With this very impressive win Ivan Gomez brings his record to a clean two wins and no losses.

Up next for the Long Island BJJ squad was flyweight phenom Jared Picariello. Picariello came into this fight undefeated, winning his last two MMA fights in under two minutes, not to mention competing in the prestigious New York Daily News Golden Gloves where he earned a first round TKO, and lost a close decision to go into the quarterfinals.

Jared's original opponent who had a record of 1-1, had to pull out of the fight hours prior to the fights, scrambling together Jared received a new opponent this time he got a fight against an Undefeated MMA fighter who also hailed from New York and held a 4-0 record in boxing. Without hesitation Jared came out and boxed with his opponent, landing jabs and body shots at will. After landing some successful body shots, Jared tenaciously went after his opponents neck, going for the guillotine choke. After two failed attempts at a takedown, his opponent caught himself in one of the tightest guillotine/front chokes I've seen. Wrenching his opponents neck without an arm in, and in full guard, Picariello end his opponent's night. One and a half minutes into the fight, and less the two minutes of work, Emerson Souza BJJ went 2-0 for the night.

Next up for these "jits" guys is a standup test, this time in the form of Muay Thai. They will both be competing this month along with 185 pound teammate Kevin Murphy at the Inagural New York Fight Club, August 28th at the Freeport Recreation Center. No bad for a bunch of Jiu-Jitsu guys. Go to for more information on the fights and to learn more about these fighters and other up and comers. Expect some big waves from these two in the Northeast fight scene.

Note: TheGARV will be at the August show in Freeport doing the Ring Announcing. So if you want to me me or beat the living crap out of me, here's your chance. Come on down to Freeport Long Island on August 28.



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