Edson Barboza made history tonight in Brazil at UFC 142.  His spinning wheelhouse kick KO of Terry Etim will forever be replayed on MMA highlight reels.  It was an absolutely amazing kick, timed perfectly and executed with precision and destruction.  Etim went stiff, his knees locked up and fell back, planking face up on the mat, out cold.   Edson knew it was over the instant his heel caught Etim's chin, and so did the crowd who went wild.  Commentator Mike Goldberg exclaimed that the kick resulted in "maybe the most spectacular knockout in UFC history."   Hard to argue with him there.

Edson Barboza is a serious contender for the 155 pound UFC title. Tonight, he sent a message to the UFC's most stacked division:  Beware the power of Edson Barboza.

Here's a video of Edson warming up earlier today, hours before his fight.

After the jump is a GIF of tonight's amazing KO.



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