ESPN's Kenny Mayne didn't have to go all the way to Thailand to experience real Muay Thai.  He could have just visited New Jersey instead, where pro rules, WBC sanctioned Muay Thai made its debut earlier this year at Warrior's Cup XII.   And this Saturday, December 3, Warrior's Cup XIII takes place at the RJ Collins Arena in Lincroft, New Jersey, and features some of Muay Thai's best fighters. It is a must-see show, and I am proud to be the ring announcer for the event.

Now back to Kenny.  His visit to Thailand was pretty funny.  As one fighter was being rubbed down with Namman Muay  liniment, Kenny remarked that it looked like orange soda.  That may be true, but the stuff works like a charm--yes, I use it myself, and so do many other people who fight and/or train.  It's good stuff.

For info about this Saturday's event, check out the Warrior's Cup website, For more info about Namman Muay liniment, check out

Here's the Kenny Mayne video:



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