eammaThe numbers are in, and they are not pretty: EA Sports' first entry into the world of mixed martial arts videogames, EA Sports MMA, has failed to make an impact on the market despite decent reviews and excellent word-of-mouth.

The game sold just 45,000 units in its release month, according to an article at GameIndustry.biz that references a report by analyst Cowen & Company. To put this in perspective, the original UFC Undisputed 2009 sold over 1 million copies across PS3 and Xbox 360 in its first month of release according to market research firm NPD , and even the rather lukewarmly received 2010 edition managed 413,000. The poor sales do not seem to be limited to North America, either, as Chart Track numbers for PAL territories show the game failing to crack the top 20 in its debut week.

Don't say we weren't warned: Cowen & Company released a report before October had even ended announcing that the game was "more or less DOA at retail, while UFC recently announced an extension of its license with THQ, likely putting an end to EA's efforts to expand into the mixed martial arts genre."

The poor sales cannot help but hammer home the sad truth that most of us have known for some time now: The UFC is MMA. To all but the most hardcore mixed martial arts fans, EA Sports MMA is simply another fighting game, but one without the flash and precision of arcade fighters like Street Fighter and Tekken; it is not difficult to imagine Joe Mainstream looking at the game in Wal-Mart and wondering who those two old guys on the cover are (or even what "MMA" is).

It had been rumored after the initial Cowen report that EA might abandon the MMA game, and sales this low, coupled with THQ's lock on the UFC license, can only bolster that impression. The videogame industry, like many during this period, is suffering badly; even reliable mega-sellers like Rock Band and Guitar Hero are falling flat at retail, with Rock Band's developer Harmonix being dropped by owner Viacom. Electronic Arts themselves lost over $200 million in the last quarter, and with wretched sales for EA Sports MMA showing once again that the UFC has a lock on the market, stockholders could not be blamed for wanting EA out of the MMA business.



#1 Guest 2010-11-17 14:59
Spot on, Orcus. EA Games needs to stop making MMA games and focusing on getting back on track with their Fight Night boxing series. FN3 was a great game, but FN4 sucks.
#2 Guest 2010-11-17 15:47
Two things: 1, to theGARV, clearly you sucked at round 4, which was the more realistic/simulation like game of the fight night series. Round 3 was good and all, but felt too arcady and boring. Round 4's fights have ALWAYS been fantastic and are just as back and forward as a real fight. And your completely wrong in saying EA should stick theit noses out of mma. I'm goddamn pleased to say that I love ea mma and have since sold my crappy UFC copies. Ea mma offers the most realistic and in my opinion, more fun fight experience. THQ shud go suck a big ole bag of dicks and stop making the same game over and over but with better graphics and new people who no one cares about.

Number 2, dana white is the hitler of mma.
#3 Guest 2010-11-17 15:52
Mike, my style in FN3 is to make em miss and make em pay. When I heard that FN4 was going to be heavy with that element, I was stoked. But for me, and this is just my opinion, the game play just didn't live up the hype. I tried but eventually gave up trying to like it and went back to FN3. Did I suck at FN4? Yeah I did lol
#4 Guest 2010-11-17 17:21
LOL @ theGarv...."i only like games that are insanely easy"
#5 Guest 2010-11-17 17:37
Wouldn't go that far. I don't care if I win or lose a FN3 match as long as it's a war. I hate parry queens or runners who want to win at all costs. Just didn't get into FN4.
#6 Guest 2010-11-18 20:59
to say "The UFC is MMA" is extremely sad, and incredibly untrue. You can think that, but the hardcore fan knows that will never be true. Furthermore, EA MMA is a far better representation of the sport, and so it has a great chance of success in the future.
#7 Guest 2010-11-24 18:10
I hope ea makes another mma game it was much more real than undisputed.Having your speed and strength the same for everything sucked.The graphics and more fighters were the only things good about it.It was way to easy to knock people out,and way to hard to submit them even with a high submission rating.Ea sports version actually made grapplers fight like grapplers, and strikers fight like standup fighters.And the worst thing about undisputed is in career mode,when 2 fighters fought sometimes 3 to 5 times in a row.

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