Some 16 year old kid had a beef with another teen over a girl and it came to blows. Ok, that happens, nothing new there. But what makes this story is different is that the dad of the 16 year old, a Florida man named Philip Struthers, age 41, apparently arranged the fight and can be seen on the following video egging his son on.

The fight took place on concrete and the dad was yelling words of encouragement such as "Punch his eyes out! Slam his head on the ground!"

Gee, what a sweet childhood memory it would have been if the kid took his dad's advice and put the other kid into a coma. Or better yet, killed him.

Unfortunately, no one was seriously injured in the fight and presumably the son was grounded for his inability to finish his opponent.

After the video started making the rounds, the dad was arrested. You can read that story here: Dad Arrested

Here's the vid.



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