Tim Fowler is an active duty Army soldier, mixed martial artist and occasional contributor to this site. Here is his exclusive interview with Dennis Bermudez:

I got the chance to meet up with Dennis “The Menace” Bermudez before Thanksgiving and his fight for the Ultimate Fighter Finale. As usual I found Dennis training hard with his teammates at Long Island MMA. Below is the interview.

Tim Fowler:  How have you been?

Dennis Bermudez: Good, real good.

TF: So now that everyone knows you’re a finalist for the Ultimate Fighter how has the added attention been?

DB: I’m just Dennis. I mean some guys let it go to their head but not me. A girl from my home town said I was a superstar now. Umm NO! I’m still just Dennis.

TF: Are you ready for the UFC? And all the pressure that comes with being an Ultimate Fighter winner?

DB: Yeah, I’m just trying to stay humble, being the underdog, you know I like it when everyone thinks the other guy is going to win. But yeah I am ready for the UFC.

TF: Has training camp been different this time around getting ready for a UFC fight and your first fight with Long Island MMA?

DB: It’s going well, I’m getting it in. But the difference is a higher urgency and harder push.

TF: Tell me about the last fight in the TUF house? It seemed like it took you awhile to focus.

DB: The plan was for me to take him down.  I was antsy about taking him down right away. I rushed my shots at first and shot out to far away.

TF: Did you know that you put him to sleep in that choke?

DB: No, at first I didn’t. He had tapped so I thought he was still up. But I guess he went out.

TF: Prior to coming on the Ultimate fighter you had some struggles with Jiu Jitsu fighters. Has training with Gregg DePasquale help shore that up?

DB: Yeah, some coach’s rush you, but Gregg takes his time. I can ask him a question and he won’t make feel like an idiot for asking.  But he has definitely helped out a lot.

TF: I recently read that you are treating this like any other fight. But isn’t every fight a big fight?

DB: Yeah, the next fight is always the biggest fight.

TF: Do you feel like a more well rounded fighter now since having gone through the Ultimate Fighter?

DB: Yeah for sure. I feel like I have gotten better in every area, especially jiu jitsu.

TF: So with Thanksgiving coming up, do you get to eat with everyone else?

DB: (Laughs) Yeah I get to eat like with all my other meals but this one will have a Thanksgiving theme to it with turkey and yams. I just won’t be eating any pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes.

Dennis flew out to Las Vegas on the 29th of Nov to finish getting ready for what will be the biggest fight of his career. Watching him get ready for this fight I can say he looks very focused and well prepared. He knows he is walking into this fight as the underdog. But this Saturday in Las Vegas Dennis will have another chance to prove everyone wrong.




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