Ultimate Fight Night 24.  Saturday night.  March 26.  Nogueira vs. Davis.  Dana White video logs.  Day One.  Mr. White does the intro.  His words are emphasized with elaborate hand motions.

We're at UFC 128.  "It's time!"  Bruce Buffer announces the main event.  Orgasmically.  Police officers have the right to search for narcotics when citizens exhibit Buffer's behavior.  I'm just saying.  Concerned doctors and cornermen encircle a battered Shogun in the Octagon.  A somber walk with Team Rua back to the locker room.

TUF 14 tryouts in Jersey.  Dana emphasizes safety when rolling.  No slamming.  $100 for each submission.  How many fucking times do I have to say no slams?  An acid flashback of Genki Sudo in the Westside Submission Tournament.  It's really some dude in a rash-guard three bills richer.  "Read More" and watch it.






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