Dana White held a press conference today to talk about Tito Ortiz taking the place of the injured Phil Davis.  Tito will face Rashad Evans on August 6th.  Here are some highlights of the call.

On Machida asking for "Anderson Silva" money to take the fight against Rashad:


Lots of crazy things happen in the business.  Usually when stuff like that happens you know the guys it's gonna happen with.  Before you make that call you know what that call is gonna be like.  I did not expect that from Lyoto Machida. Tito did not ask for any more money.


When you make these phone calls you know the guys that are gonna be tough.  Never do I expect to have a guy accept a fight and then call him back and have him say, 'Now you're gonna have to pay Anderson Silva money.'  It's not even like the camp came back and said, 'You know what, we want this or that.'  They came straight out and said, 'We want Anderson Silva money.'  Anderson Silva has gone undefeated in the UFC since 2006.  He's broken every record there is in the UFC.  He moved up a weight class and beat two guys at 205 easily and has dominated and cleaned out the entire 185 pound division and you want his money?  I've never even heard so...I don't even know how to put a word on this.

I've been in the business a long time.  People lose their mind sometimes, people get crazy.  Who knows, maybe Machida's camp did that he didn't even know.  I don't even know.  I guarentee you he knows they did it now.   This guy was telling me all he wants to do is get back in there and fight as soon as possible, well he had his opportunity.


On Tito's salary:


Tito has a contract already.  Tito accepted the deal in his contract.  Tito stepped up.  Listen, you know me, man, I tell you guys all the details.  Last night on Twitter, I saw a lot of the questions the fans were asking.  This was a hot topic about Tito...Tito didn't get any more money, Tito didn't get anything.  He's got the same exact deal he had as if this was just a regular fight.


There was a lot of talk after [Tito's] last fight about what Tito got paid.  We signed that deal a long time ago.  We signed that deal with Tito awhile ago, and Tito's been around a long time.  Going into this fight, when we renegoitiated we said 'Tito we're gonna cut you' and we talked about him not being cut and he said, 'Please give me another chance.'  Tito's been around for a long time and we didn't go in and we didn't renegotiate his money.  We let him fight.  I will be honest, I thought that was gonna be Tito's last fight.  I thought Ryan Bader was probably gonna win that fight, that would be Tito's last fight ever in mixed martial arts, and he was probably gonna retire after that.  And that's what Tito got paid.


On the possibility of Tito getting released from the UFC if he loses to Rashad:


We didn't talk about [Tito not being cut].  But obviously Tito is stepping up and he's taking a big fight on short notice and I respect that.  So we'll see what happens.


On title implications for the winner of this fight:


There's no doubt that Rashad is next in line.  This guy, he turned down a fight that he should have taken a year and half ago.  And he's had nothing but a string of bad luck since.  Every opponent he's had gets injured.  I mean, he's got the curse on him right now.  He's been training for this fight, it would have been horrible if we had to pull him out of this fight too.  We pulled this thing off.  If Tito beats Rashad on August 6th...it would definitely put Tito in the mix.  I wouldn't say he's the number one contender after this fight but he's top three.




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