(Dana White, Snoop Dogg Groupie)

Booze is no excuse.  UFC president Dana White made an ass of himself recently when TMZ caught up with him outside a club and asked him about Fedor.  Through slurred speech, Dana repeated his assertion that "Fedor sucks" and that people should get over him.   But it appears that it's Dana who is really hung up on the legendary Russian fighter.  Fedor, a humble man of principle, refused to sign with the UFC, which is really what set Dana off.  Because only when a fighter is under UFC contract can Dana say that the fighter is "mine" as if he owns the guy.  That kind of egotism has no place in MMA, and Dana's bloated ego is beginning to get in the way of his job as UFC president.

Dana's increasingly erratic (and drunken) behavior comes on the heels of his legendary meltdown live on Fox after the Cain vs Junior title fight.  It's time the UFC head honcho pulled his head out of his, well, honcho and gave Fedor his due.  Yes, he's running a business, but name calling is childish and it's backfiring on Dana White.  Between the Miguel Torres firing (Torres is now hired back, more on that later) and Dana's drunken exchanges with reporters, it seems as though the pressure is getting to the "Baldfather."  Let's hope he sobers up soon and stops trying to make MMA about himself rather than the fighters.

Here's the TMZ video:



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