Dan "The Beast" Severn was the first All American wrestler to get involved with MMA, way back at UFC 4.  That was before MMA was even known as mixed martial arts.  In those days it was NHB or No Holds Barred fighting.

Severn made quite a splash in his UFC debut, when he splashed Anthony Macias onto the mat with some brutal suplexes.   Dan came into the UFC with a ton of wrestling experience, but with virtually no submission or striking experience.  He said that he had to change a lifetime of sportsman-like wrestling conduct in order to compete in the no rules fighting era.

I had the opportunity to both introduce to the crowd and interview the legendary fighter, who at 53 years old is still actively competing in MMA and has 99 official victories under his belt.  The event was Central Pennsylvania's Warrior Challenge 12, and it was quite a thrill for me to be able to spend some time with the Beast.

Here's the video of me bringing Severn into the cage before the show started, and then an interview where we talk about the early UFCs and how the sport has evolved.



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