If you are new fan of mixed martial arts, the name Dan Bobish probably doesn't ring a bell. For those wise enough to have forsaken all other inferior sports and dedicate their very souls to MMA, you are well aware that Dan Bobish is more than just a spittin' image of "Bull Hurley" from the Sylvester Stallone flick Over the Top.

His 17-9 record doesn't sound overly impressive until you factor in that his losses are to legendary names from the early NHB days, such as Kevin Randleman, Mark Kerr, Igor Vovchanchyn, Mark Hunt, Ben Rothwell, and Aleksander Emelianenko. He holds impressive victories over current Strikeforce contender Mike Kyle, nostalgic powerhouse Brian Johnston, and "Big" Eric Pele (a former KOTC champion who has defeated fringe top-ten heavyweight Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva).

Tonight, however, Bobish is organizing and promoting the action instead of starring in it. "Ultimate Cage Battles: Pride and Glory" will premiere tonight in Parma, OH. There are many noteworthy advantages about a fighter running his own promotion, the biggest consisting of the intimate knowledge of how and how not to treat the competitors. The recent news stream has not been devoid from the type of painstaking problems that have historically plagued all combat sports; such as the popular DREAM organization running a tad past the deadline to pay their featherweight champion Bibiano Fernandes, or K-1 struggling with the same issue in compensating Gary Goodridge.

Ultimate Cage Battle's first event is not lacking in talent by any means either. Fresh off his second stint inside the UFC's Octagon, the gritty Strong Style Fight Team's Forrest "The Meat Cleaver" Petz (21-9) will headline the card against former Green Bay Packer and heavy-handed Herbert "Whisper" Goodman (16-9). An extremely well rounded combatant who is dangerous everywhere, excluding rising prospect Victor O'Donnell, Petz's only flaws have come versus top-echelon opposition. After a mediocre start, Goodman has notched a 7-3 clip in his last ten fights, including recent wins over UFC vets Dante Rivera and Jordan Radev.

Holding down the co-main slot is a match-up featuring the explosive and exciting Brian "The Predator" Rogers (5-2) against 9-3 Robert Conner. Stay tuned for a feature on Rogers later today, and please join me in supporting a promising new event captained by a respected MMA veteran.

Visit Ultimate Cage Battles homepage here for more detailed event and ticket information.




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