Justin Garcia, aka Master Chim, is a master and perfecter of the "Chim Pass." This is a guard pass that Garcia uses it almost exclusively when competing and has a very high success rate with it.  He teaches it at his Jungle Gym schools, and his students love it, and now you can learn the Chim Pass via a 7 DVD instructional set.  Yes, you heard right.  This instructional, for a single guard pass technique, encompasses 7 DVDs.  And each one contains a tremendous amount of great information.

The Chim Pass DVD set doesn't only teach you how to pass guard.  It provides options during the pass, based on what your opponent is doing.  Whatever answer your opponent thinks he has for this pass, Justin Garcia has seen it and figured out a way to counter the counter via variations in the techniques. He also shows how to set up submissions from the pass, and shows you various drills you can work while perfecting the art of the Chim Pass.

I absolutely love this DVD set, and believe it to be one of the most comprehensive, well thought out and well taught instructionals on the market today.  Garcia leaves no stone unturned as he teaches you how to pass guard like a black belt.

I highly recommend The Chim Pass DVD set.  It will be a staple in your DVD instructional library.  For more info on these DVDs, and for info on how to order, and how to get free Chim Pass tips, check out this website:  TheChimPass.com.

You'll be glad you did.  But your opponents won't!

After the jump you can check out a video of Master Chim in action.  He's a beast.



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