(Photo by Esther Lin)

I received an email late this evening from Strikeforce fighter, and former Middleweight Champion, Cung Le.  Cung spoke about currently being in China for a movie role, coming back to the states in the following months for another film, and eventually getting back to MMA early next year.  Below I have attatched a part of the email where Cung address his current situation.
"I am in China right now filming a movie with Director Wong Kar Wai and Action Director Woo-ping for a few weeks and will be back in the states on Nov. 7th to start Dragon Eyes a Joel Silver and After Dark production for seven weeks in New Orleans.  I go back to China after Christmas to finish Grandmaster with Wong Kar Wai and Master Woo-ping for a week or two Then I start A Man With The Iron Fist with RZA. Be back in Feb.! I will keep up with my training while I am gone and come back to be ready for a possible training camp for a fight."


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