Conor Heun turned in one of the guttiest performances of the year against Magno Almeida at the Strikeforce Grand Prix last month.  Heun got caught in armbars in both the second and third rounds but refused to tap, and he came away from the fight with a dislocated elbow.  More importantly, however, was the fact that he also scored the win.

Some people claimed that Heun's refusal to tap was not very smart, given that he could have sustained a career-ending injury.  Conor disagrees with that assessment, and he uploaded a YouTube video to address the issue.  In it, he said that tapping is not an option in MMA, that it's up to the ref to decide when enough damage has been inflicted to stop the fight.

The video then got posted on the UG, and people once again started criticizing Heun.  So Conor released another statement, this time in a post, and it shows his more philosophical side.  He says that "the place that I go when I fight is the closest I ever feel to 'God.'"

Check out the video and statement after the jump.

I understand that pride is the sign of a foolish man.

I understand that tapping out is not "cowardly."

I fight for reasons other than because I enjoy the sport, I fight because of the mental and emotional place that it requires/allows me to go to.

Fighting for me is the cathartic culmination of months and months of training, dedication, and sacrifice.

To go to the place that I go when I fight is the closest I ever feel to "God."

I like to free myself from all worry, expectation, and performance anxiety, and just allow myself to be completely immersed in the experience.

For me this is bliss.

I am never more free than when I'm in the cage and the state I go to is as close to an out of body experience as many people will ever get.

To be able to give myself completely to the fight and know that all I have to do is give it my all and never give up, sets me free to dance my dance and hopefully inspire others.

For me the fight is a meditation and a sacrifice and if my training hasn't been enough to protect me from damage then I embrace the lessons of injury with open arms.

I have gained so much knowledge from every injury and to me fighting is a journey towards knowledge.

I'm not saying other people shouldn't tap, I'm just trying to give those people who asked, an insight into my mentality and what fighting is to me.

Thanks for the support and of course you are all welcome to your own opinions.


--Conor Heun



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