Clay Guida has always been talked about as a fighter with great heart and willing to fight anyone, but lately it is “The Carpenter’s” fighting ability that is making headlines.  On June 4th the Illinois born fighter will take on a man making highlight reels around the world, Anthony Pettis, at The Ultimate Fighter 13 Finale in which many fans are saying is the most anticipated fight of the year.’s Kalin Johnston caught up with Clay to get his thoughts on the fight.


KALIN JOHNSTON: Let’s start off by looking back at your last fight.  You had to be excited to fight a legend like Gomi.


CLAY GUIDA: Oh yeah, it was a blast; it was great.  It was an honor to fight a legend in the sport.  He was a former Pride champion for a couple of years; three or four years.


JOHNSTON: Is there any added pressure when fighting someone who has made a name for themselves the way that Takanori has?


GUIDA: I wouldn’t say more pressure, but more of a challenge.  You get to fight somebody that you look up to and it proves to the world that you’re going to go out there no matter who is in front of you.  Once you’re in the cage it is a level playing field for everyone.


JOHNSTON: A lot of people are hyped for your fight against Anthony Pettis coming up at the TUF finale.  From a fans perspective how do you feel about Anthony as a fighter?


GUIDA: Oh man, you can’t get a more action-packed fighter than Anthony Pettis.  He does all sorts of crazy whirlwind stuff.  You get your bang for your buck when you watch him.  Us headlining The Ultimate Fighter Finale is a win/win for everybody.  The fans win the most, and I win the second most because I am going to get my hand raised.


JOHNSTON: A lot of people expected Shane Roller to out-wrestle Anthony in their fight, but that certainly wasn’t the case.  How do you feel your wrestling will match up with him?


GUIDA: Shane Roller did not come in shape for that fight.  His hands were down in the second and third round.  That wasn’t the Shane Roller that we are used to seeing.  I am a different wrestler than Shane Roller.  I’m not the most technical wrestler, but when it comes to MMA wrestling I challenge you to find a guy that is more unpredictable than myself.  I have a lot of different tricks for Anthony Pettis.


JOHNSTON: Speaking of tricks, a lot of people to this day are still talking about his kick against Henderson.  It was an amazing kick visually, but do you feel that it is anything to worry about during your fight?


GUIDA: You always have to keep things like that in the back of your mind, but we train to dictate the pace of fights.  We know what we are going to do and we’re going to implement our game plan.  I’m not worried about what he is going to do; I’m not going to give him time to react to me.  There’s a lot of things in a fight you can do, but not when you’re on your back


JOHNSTON: Coming in this fight with Anthony, he was set to have a UFC title shot which was put on hold when the Edgar/Maynard rematch was set-up, and now he will be competing against you.  If you defeat Anthony, do you deserve a shot at the title?


GUIDA: I think that right now Jim Miller is the front runner in the division with his impeccable record.  I think he is like 10-1 in the UFC which is out of this world.  I believe that I’m a close second with a win over Anthony Pettis.


JOHNSTON: Sean McCorkle has claimed that your brother Jason wants $20,000 to fight him.  What do you know about this situation?


GUIDA: Yeah, I don’t pay attention to that stuff.  Sean McCorkle is an internet warrior and that is the way he is going to be.  I don’t mess with that stuff.


JOHNSTON: I appreciate the time Clay.  Good luck in your fight and also in your commercial coming out.  Is there anything you would like to say before I let you go?


GUIDA: Yeah, the SafeAuto commercial will be coming out in the Columbus area soon, we shot that a couple of weeks ago.  Also want to give a shout out to everyone back home and back at the gym.  Cain Velasquez is coming out May 13th to my new gym MMA Stop Fitness: Clay Guida.  Check it out at  I also want to thank Matt Hamill for coming out last month and doing such a great job with the fans.  I want to thank Silver Star for taking care of us, Muscle Farm and SafeAuto.  I’m exciting because everything is going great.  I appreciate all of the support.





















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