Chandella Powell

Chandella Powell is one half of the UFC's tag team of Octagon Girls. She's a stunner, and you can check her out right here.  Enjoy!

Chandella Powell is a human being, and we all make mistakes.  She was involved in some risque photo shoots in her past, some softcore porn stuff that surfaced on the Net recently.  There was much speculation that she'd gotten fired from the UFC because of that, based on her absense from the UFC on Fuel show last week.  However, it appears that Chandella will once again grace the Octagon at UFC in Japan later this month.

On her Twitter account, Chandella apologized for her raunchy photo spread:

"When you are young, you often don't realize that your actions have consequences. I made a bad decision about ten years ago, but you learn from these moments. There is nothing I can do to change the past, and believe me, if I could, I would. That decision doesn't represent who I am today. All I can do now is put the past behind me and move forward. I am sorry to disappoint any of my fans and my family at Zuffa. I love you guys :)"

So there you have it.  Now we can all put this behind us, in a way that won't be captured on film.  Chandella also thanked her many fans for the support:

"Thank you to everyone for all of the love I have received. It is overwhelming to think about all of the supporters I have."

Now, on to more important things, like Brittney Palmer's Playboy shoot.  Ciao.


Chandella Powell is a popular UFC ring girl, and she is known to be a very sweet person.  We've featured here many times, and it's always fun to watch her do her thing at the UFC.  But the other day, a scandal broke out when it was revealed that Chandella had posed for very risque pictures.  Those pics are not re-printable on this site, but they are available on the Net.  They are much more graphic than Playboy pics, I can attest to that fact after carefully studying them for several hours.

None of that is a very big deal, of course.  We've seen the birthday suits of Arianny Celeste and Brittney Palmer and just about every other UFC ring girl.  However, the plot thickened considerably when Chandella was MIA at the UFC on Fuel weigh ins yesterday.  This has caused an exploding on the MMA forums, and the speculation is that she was fired from her position with the UFC.

If so, that's pretty silly, seeing how being nude kind of comes with that territory.  Still, Chandella has not made any tweets on her Twitter account since February 11, so it could be that she is done.

I'll have more on the momentous story as it develops.  In the meantime, enjoy these Chandella pics.

Everybody likes a good money shot, and these pics of Chandella Powell are like pennies from Heaven.  Or better yet, twenty dollar bills.   Not sure who the playa was that threw in the singles, but Chandella proves that she can make even George Washington blush with these sexy shots.  Enjoy!

UFC Octagon Girl Chandella Powell gives a tour of the Playboy Club at the Palms. Video and more pics of Chandella after the jump.


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