Cage Wars 8 took place down in Atlantic City, New Jersey last night, and the official results are in.  Here's a quick look.

XFE Heavyweight Championship
J.A Dudley Vs.Brendan Barrett
Ref Miragliotta
Dudley 250.2 Barrett 240
Dudley wins a majority decision after three rounds of five minutes, 29-28, 29-28 and 29-29 Blatnick.

XFE Featherweight Championship
Anthony Leone Vs.Brylan Vanartsdalen
Ref Peterson
Leone 146. Vanartsdalen 143.6
Vanartsdalen wins via guillotine at 1:45 of round one.

XFE Lightweight Championship
Dustin Caplinger Vs.Tom Marcellino
Caplinger 156. Marcellino. 155
Marcellino wins via rear naked choke at 3:52 of round two.

Dwayne Shelton Vs.Jeff Lentz
Ref Miragliotta
Shelton. 145.8. Lentz. 146
After three rounds of five minutes, this bout is ruled a majority draw 29-29 Tirelli, 28-28 Bilyk and 29-27 Blatnick.

Matt Dempsey Vs.Matt Secor
Ref Miragliotta
Dempsey. 170. Secor. 170.2
Secor wins via verbal submission due to armbar at 4:47 of round one.

Mike Santiago Vs. Brendan Weafer
Ref Miragliotta
Santiago. 156. Weafer. 155.2
Weafer wins via triangle choke at 1:16 of round one.

Brian Kelleher vs. Manny Millan
Ref Peterson
Kelleher. 145.8. Millan. 145
Kelleher wins via rear naked choke at 3:34 of round one.

Mervin Rodriguez Vs. Brian Jackson
Ref Peterson
Rodriguez. 145.8. Jackson 146
Jackson wins unanimous decision in three rounds of five minutes, 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 Blatnick.

Charlie Joseph Vs. Whitney Francois
Ref Miragliotta
Joseph. 170.8 Francois. 170.6
Joseph wins at 2:17 of round one via verbal submission due to kneebar.



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