Cage Girl Extravaganza

OK, wait.  I think I have a misspelling in the title.  It's meted, not meated.  My bad.  Anyhoo, Rachelle Leah found herself in the backseat of a police squad car in Chi-Town recently.  No charges were filed, however, and the fuzz let her go because she's too hot to handle.

Dammit, I so wanted to see her in a prison drama!

Here are some more recent pics of the lovely former UFC Octagon girl.  Pics include her along with Chuck Liddell (his expression is priceless), Phil Davis, Rashad Evans and Arianny Celeste.  Enjoy!

Strikeforce stunner Kelli Hutcherson is quickly transcending her cage girl duties by going mainstream.  Like several UFC cage girls before her, Kelli has made it into Maxim Magazine, in a photoshoot that should keep you entertained for quite awhile.  Although the competition is stiff, Kelli could one day find herself strutting her stuff in the Octagon at the UFC.  Dare we dream that she could also one day, like Arianny Celeste, grace the pages of Playboy Magazine?

Here are the Maxim shots.  Be advised: although they are safe for work, they are barely safe for work.  But they work.

Many readers who were around when we had the old site remember the bombshell pics of Miss Laura Celeste we posted that drove the Internet wild.  Once we changed over the new site, those pics were lost, along with a piece of our soul.  So I've decided to bring you all a brand new batch of picture from the Missl Laura Celeste collection.  Laura is ranked very highly in the ring card girl standings, but in my opinion she should be number one.  She has more curves than anyone else and they're in all the right places.  I am happy to say that in addition to being the epitome of hotness, she's also a good friend of mine, which earns me hugs every time I see.  Lucky me!

Here are the pics.

Brittney Palmer was a popular WEC cage girl and is now with the UFC.  She recently was the subject of a Showgirls photo shoot, which you will remember from the article we did about it.  Now you can enjoy a video of the shoot.  So start enjoying!

Arianny Celeste is the most popular Octagon girl ever and her star is continually rising.  She's appeared in Playboy Magazine, Maxim and Sports Illustrated, and now she's set her sights on something even bigger: the Billboard charts.

Here is Arianny with a sneak preview of her first single, Fight to Love Me.

Yowser!  Check out the rest after the jump.

Lauren Kalikow is not only an in-demand combat cage girl, she's a fighter too. The kickboxing beauty struts her stuff in the cage for Lou Neglia's Ring of Combat, and is the Face of Windy City Fight gear. She's also associated with KOTC and Bonebreakerz, and it's always great to see her in Atlantic City at the fights.

Lauren will be competing in the Ms. Bikini Universe contest in Miami this June 16-18, and I've decided to give everyone a sneak peek at what the judges can expect two months from now. Are you ready for this?

Thank you Twitter!  More after the jump.

Octagon Girl Brittney Palmer always brings the badonkadonk to the Octagon with that glorious butt of hers, and she knows the fans enjoy seeing her sashay around the cage.  In an interview with Mike Straka she casually remarks that fans "like my butt," which has to be the biggest understatement since General Custer said: Over that hill, boys, I think they're friendly Indians!

We featured some sweet shots of Brittney on here recently, taken by former UFC fighter Elvis Sinosic.  After perusing those you can check out the video of Straka getting to the bottom of Brittney Palmer.


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