Brittney Palmer

Although Brittney Palmer is no longer a UFC Octagon Girl, she is still one of the hottest chicks on the planet.  You can check out all things Britteny in this section.


Brittney Palmer bares her soul, and a whole lot more, in her Playboy pictorial.  She's the Playboy cover girl, as you can see here.  Most of the pics from the shoot are too risque for this site, but they are available on the Net, so if you do some research you will be able to find them.  The truth, and the boobies, are out there!


Brittney Palmer was a popular WEC cage girl and is now with the UFC.  She recently was the subject of a Showgirls photo shoot, which you will remember from the article we did about it.  Now you can enjoy a video of the shoot.  So start enjoying!

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Octagon Girl Brittney Palmer always brings the badonkadonk to the Octagon with that glorious butt of hers, and she knows the fans enjoy seeing her sashay around the cage.  In an interview with Mike Straka she casually remarks that fans "like my butt," which has to be the biggest understatement since General Custer said: Over that hill, boys, I think they're friendly Indians!

We featured some sweet shots of Brittney on here recently, taken by former UFC fighter Elvis Sinosic.  After perusing those you can check out the video of Straka getting to the bottom of Brittney Palmer.

Elvis "The King of Rock n Rumble" Sinosic is not only a talented MMA fighter, he's also a budding photog.  He was at UFC 127 in Australia last week, and got some great "down under" shots of Brittney Palmer, UFC Octagon girl.

Thanks, Elvis!  Nice work!


At first glance, it appeared that perhaps Brittney Palmer was out of a job when Zuffa announced that the UFC and WEC would be merging at the start of the new year.  However, MMA fans around the world celebrated when it was announced that the beloved WEC ring girl would throw away the blue outfit for a brand new UFC Octagon Girl suit.  I caught up with Brittney the night of WEC 52 to get her thoughts on perhaps the biggest move of her career.


And you thought Jose Aldo in UFC gloves was nice...


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