Bellator 59 took place last night in Atlantic City, New Jersey and fight fans were treated to some great MMA action.  The night was not without some dissapointment and controversy, however, as the heavyweight tournament finals was declared a no contest due to a low blow and will have to be rescheduled.  Also, in the Kurt Pellegrino vs. Patricky Pitbull Friere fight, referee Kevin MacDonald seemed to have stopped the contest prematurely.  In the opening seconds of the fight, Kurt was rocked by a monster left hook, straight right combo. Patricky  swarmed and tried to finish the fight on the ground, but Kurt, a Brazilian BJJ black belt, was doing a good job of defending as he rolled out trying to avoid the blows.  Still, the ref jumped in and stopped the contest, much to the dissatisfaction of Kurt and the crowd.

Kevin MacDonald is an excellent referee.  I don't criticize refs when they err on the side of saftey, which is what may have happened last night. The fact is that I was not in the cage, but from where I was sitting (in my living room watching it on MTV2) it appeared that Kurt had all his faculties and could have continued.  Still, Kevin was the man in charge, and I trust his judgement.  Hopefully we'll get to see a rematch down the road.

Here are the official  results from last night's bouts.

Bout 9 - Heavyweight Tournament Final

Thiago Santos vs. Eric Prindle
Both fighters weigh 264.8
This bout is ruled a no contest at 1:24 of round one due to accidental groin strike.

Bout 8 - Lightweight Feature Bout
Patricky Freire vs. Kurt Pellegrino
Both fighters weigh 155
Freire wins via TKO referee stoppage at 0:50 of round one.

Bout 7 - Bantamweight Tournament Final
Eduardo Dantas  vs. Alexis Vila
Dantas 136. Vila 135
Dantas wins unanimous decision in three rounds, all three judges 29-28.

Bout 6 - Lightweight Feature Bout
Marcin Held vs. Phillipe Nover
Held 156. Nover 155.6
Held wins split decision in three rounds 29-28, 29-28 and 28-29 Bittencourt..

Bout 5 - 175 Catchweight
Karl Amoussou  vs. Jesus Martinez
Amossou 174.6. Martinez 175.4
Amoussou wins via TKO referee stoppage due to unanswered strikes at 2:20 of round one.

Bout 4 - 170
Levon Maynard vs. Christopher Wing
Maynard 171. Wing 170.4
Maynard wins unanimous decision in three rounds, 30-27, 30-27 and 30-26 Blatnick.

Bout 3 - 175 Catchweight
Lucas Pimenta  vs. Douglas Gordon
Pimenta 173. Gordon 174
Pimenta wins at 0:40 of round one via KO elbow.

Bout 2 - 145
Brylan Vanartsdalen vs. Scott Heckman
Vanartsdalen 145.2. Heckman 146
Heckman wins via tap at 1:38 of round one due to standing brabo choke.

Bout 1 - 185
Brandon Saling vs. Gregory Milliard
Sailing 183.6. Millard 185.4
Milliard wins unanimous decision in three rounds, all three judges 30-27.



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