This past Saturday, UFC 117 was not the only MMA show going on.  Over in Atlantic City, NJ at Bally's Hotel and Casino there was an MMA show put on by some new guys.  Oh, you might have heard of them; M-1 Global.  If by now, you have not picked up my sarcasm regarding the “new guys” of MMA then stop reading this and get back to your game of Quidditch.

This was my first time attending an M-1 event and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised and the show far surpassed my expectations.  M-1 even brought Fedor Emelianenko to town for a press conference and to sign some autographs.  This went over very well amongst the MMA purists that were in attendance.  It was a fantastic session with a lot of great questions from the press and fans alike.  I had an absolute blast!  Bally’s Grand Ballroom was rocking from wall to wall with some fired up fans that were ready to see some knock down, drag out fights.  My esteemed colleague, Kahl-One will be posting the video of the press conference and a highlight reel as soon as he is done editing them.  I assure you, it will be worth the wait!

First, allow me explain how the M-1 Selection show works, in case you might be new to this concept. The M-1 Global brand is searching every corner of the world to discover the top, up-and-coming talent.  The selection tournament is broken down into global regions: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and the Americas.  Each region hosts three rounds and a final of the M-1 Selection tournament. The winners in each region/weight class will earn the chance to compete on a grander international stage.  The M-1 Selection Tournament is like the American Idol of MMA, only this is way more fun to watch.

Some of the fighters in the tournament have been around longer than others, but they are all equally as hungry to get themselves thrust into the International spotlight.  That makes for some very dangerous fighters to put on some very exciting fights.  Each competitor is vying for a chance to become a household name.  With all those different ingredients, how could it not be good?

The highlight for me was not one single fight, but the effort put forth by each fighter that stepped in between those ropes.  Each and every fight was a highlight for me and just about every other fan in attendance.  Every warrior knew that if he won his respective bout, it meant a trip to the finals in September.  Another step in the direction of greatness.  Some fights were a bit more exciting than others, but that is the nature of the beast.  However, every fight was equally important.  Each contest had its own blend of energy and excitement.  They were all fun to watch and left you wanting more.  I know I certainly did!

One such fight was the contest between Mike Guerin and Shane Primm.  These two middleweights left it all out in the ring and went toe to toe for three straight rounds.  Guerin won the unanimous decision, but both these men were winners that night.   Another great fight was the showdown between Tyson Jeffries and Plinio Cruz.  The fight started off with a low blow, but ended on a high note as the back and forth, non stop action had the crowd cheering and the judges scratching their heads to decide who won the fight.  Jeffries won by split decision as the 1 point deduction from Cruz for the low blow likely gave the fight away for him.  The show also opened up with a 40 second TKO of Sammy Collingwood by Byron Byrd, which brought the jam packed crowd to its feet.  A great way to kick off the night.

The ten fight card was full of decisions, but there were also knock outs and submissions as well.  It was a complete card that hit the fans with a great combination of what MMA is all about.  Now that the semifinals have come and gone, we look forward to September 18th.  That is the date that the finals will take place right back here at Bally’s Grand Ballroom.  I will certainly be at the door to greet M-1 Global back to NJ with open arms.  The East Coast is a hot bed for great MMA action.  M-1’s Global Selection is no exception.  Make sure you get your tickets so you can be a part of this historic event.

Here is your lineup for the M-1 Global Selection Finals:

Lightweight: George Sheppard vs. Jose Figueroa

Welterweight: Len Bentley vs. Thomas Gallicchio

Middleweight: Mike Guerin vs. Tyson Jeffries

Light-Heavyweight: Byron Byrd vs. Daniel Viscaya

Heavyweight: Kenny Garner vs. Pat Bennett

Here are some pictures, courtesy of me, of this phenomenal event:










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