You want to know where the best fighters in the world come from.  The answer is simple.  They have to start from the ground and work their way up.  Organizations like the UFC , Strikeforce, and Bellator have some of the top fighters in the world.  Those great fighters got their start in the amateur leagues.  One such league is New Jersey’s Asylum Fight League.  Owned and operated by Carl Mascarenhas, Asylum has quickly grown into one of the top amateur fight organizations in this area. 

Saturday night, Carl will bring his brand of amateur MMA to a new venue.  FirstEnergy Park in Lakewood, NJ will play host to a spectacular night of MMA action.  The Lakewood BlueClaws will have the night off and home plate will be replaced with a cage.   This will not be a batting cage either, folks.  This is an MMA cage set for combat.  If you are a baseball fan, you will still get to see some athletes swinging for the fences, but they will bring a whole new meaning to the term.

Lakewood and the surrounding areas are home to many MMA academies and several of those academies will be on hand Saturday night as several fighters are set to begin or continue their trek to greatness.  UFC middleweight, Nick Catone has several fighters from his academy stepping up to the plate as does Eric Colon from Tong Dragon MMA.  Bill Scott’s Shore Academy has a few fighters in the mix as well. 

Asylum Fight League is the proving ground to see what these fighters are made of and if they really have what it takes to make it in this sport.  Fighters like Bill Borawski, Mike Sanders, Mike Tible, Bob Meyer, and Greg Quarantello have all been here before and know their way around the cage.  Several fighters make their debuts Saturday night.  Fighters like Ricky Bandejas and Aharon Atwood from Catone’s MMA in Brick, NJ are stepping into the cage for the very first time.  Sixteen fights are scheduled for this card and I can guarantee you, they will all be exciting.

Headlining the fights under the lights card will be a light heavyweight contest between Mike Tible (3-2) and Bob Meyer (4-2).  If there was a roof on this venue it would probably get blown off by this main event.  Tible’s fights are always exciting and in each if his three victories, he was able to finish the fight via a submission.  His Jiu-Jitsu is slick and his transitioning on the ground is impressive.  Meyer will need to bring his “A” game if he hopes to pick up the win in this fight. 

Meyer also brings in a wealth of knowledge in the ground game area.  Meyer can grapple with the best of them.  Despite losing his last two fights, Meyer is as tough as they come and he has also finished all of his victorious fights via submission.  This could play out in two ways.  A chess match on the ground with both fighters working to out-position the other.  Or the ground games will negate each other and they will stand in the pocket and exchange some good old fashioned punches.  Regardless of how this fight plays out, it will be entertaining.  Perhaps we will see a home run swing by the end of the night.

Carl Mascarenhas and Asylum Fight League will surely hit one out of the park with this event.  The fighters are excited to be performing at an outdoor venue and the fans will be treated to a fantastic evening of food, fun, and fights under the lights.  The doors open at 7pm and the first fight is scheduled to go on at 8pm.  For ticket info head over to Asylum’s web site or the BlueClaws web site.  We look forward to seeing you all there.




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