Cris Cyborg showed the MMA world why she's the boss of female fighters last Saturday night at Strikeforce with her brutal, quick and stunning knockout of highly regarded Hiroko Yamanaka.  It took Cyborg just 16 seconds to decimate her opponent, and put the rest of the female MMA world on notice.

Cyborg just signed a new 4 fight contract with Strikeforce, but feels that the organization's days are numbered.  She wants the UFC to create a women's division and over the course of her contract plans to "win" Dana White over.

Speaking to Tatame, Cyborg said:

"I’ll take these four fights I have left in Strikeforce to win Dana White. It doesn’t matter if I do so by using of my students, but I’ll be in the UFC someday. I know he has his reasons, and there’re really few women on the circuit, but I’ll keep on going, training, putting on good fights to cheer women up."

Cyborg is certainly deserving of fighting in the UFC, but as she points out, there are few women fighters at that level.  Ronda Rousey is one name that comes to mind as a likely opponent for Cris, but after that, the field dries up.  On the subject Rousey, Cyborg told Tatame:

"I have nothing against her, but the truth is that I don’t really care because I don’t worry about who’s fighting who. When I sign the fight contract I start studying my opponent. I don’t even like to talk much because people want answers about why I said this about her and because she talks too much and while she’s talking I’m training. So, if Strikeforce wants to put us to fight, I’m ready, but I don’t know how it’ll be like."

One way to handle the question of whether Cyborg should fight in the UFC is to have her fight Dana White.  Years ago, Dana tried to line up a boxing match between him and Tito Ortiz.  Maybe he needs to do the same with Cyborg.  If she wins, she gets a UFC contract.  After last weekend's destruction, however, I'm betting Dana wants no part of that match.  And I don't blame him!

Check out the full article on Tatame for more on Cris Cyborg and her future.



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